January 1st Musings

So this year has started off well (and 08 ended like a dream). I’ve got lots of projects in the pipeline and a great team implementing some truly innovative (but tested) things.

I brought 2009 in with dinner at Aozora in Montclair with the wife. We were home in time to exchange our first kiss of the year at home, with the kids nestled in their beds.

We had loft party invitations and could have parties like rock stars, but we kept it nice and simple. I’m going to be traveling all around the world this year, so getting in some time with the family is priority number one.

My first texts and calls came in at midnight, with folks extending their well wishes. I was steady hitting people with well wishes of my own. I’m going to focus on positive energy for this year – giving and getting. Haters, you are on notice to stay the hell out of my way or get steamrolled. You have been warned.

I got 10 emails out, a few Basecamp posts, four or five texts, updated my Facebook status, and Twittered, all before noon. I’d say 2009 is starting off fairly productive.

Now that I’ve got the WordPress application rocking on my iPhone, I feel über-productivity welling within me. I just hope folks can keep up!

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