Rihanna marries Chris Brown? WTF!!

knockedupI just heard that Rihanna married Chris Brown at a secret ceremony at Diddy’s mansion, and I’m totally befuddled.  I’ve been waiting patiently for someone to step up and publicly say something about the alleged assault of Rihanna by Chris Brown. If, for no other reason, then to tell young black girls that IT’S NEVER OK FOR ANY MAN TO PUT HIS HANDS ON YOU.  Mary J? Tina? Keyshia? Oprah? Tyra? Russell?  Anyone?  But now they’re married?  WTF!

Really Rihanna?  Girl don’t you have anyone in your life that can give you good advice and counsel?  This fool lumped you up and left you on the side of the road, bleeding and battered.  Is this the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with?  And if so…WHY?  I’m at a complete loss. 

What concerns me most, is the fact that these two highly public figures are engaged in a highly public issue that MILLIONS of people are watching, but no one is saying what needs to be said.  Someone of sufficient public standing, should offer a PSA about domestic abuse. Young men should be told that it’s never ok to abuse or hit women, regardless of how angry you may be.  Young women need to hear that they should never tolerate any form of abuse (verbal, physical or otherwise).

Maino was on Hot 97 speaking to FunkMaster Flex about this, and his position was that we don’t know what happened, so we should reserve judgment.  Fair.  But if you’ve seen the pictures, and read the allegations FROM RIHANNA, it doesn’t take a forensic scientist to see that someone (read Rihanna) was on the wrong end of a beating (regardless of whether it was provoked, self-defense or any of the myriad of reasons I’ve heard as to why Chris Brown may have done whatever he did).

I’ve got two daughters and a son.  My son (who is 5) regularly receives lessons on respecting women and not hitting his sisters (one older and one younger).  My daughters are being raised to respect themselve and demand that others respect them as well. And they all take karate (I don’t play that sh*t).  You had best believe that I will not be sitting idly by while some dude puts his hands on my child.  If Rihanna were my daughter, Chris Brown would be lumped up right now.  Trust.

But back to my original point – we (Black people) need to make a statement, that denounces violence towards women.  Domestic abuse is a big problem in our community, and this Rihanna/Chris Brown debacle has only made it worse.  Unless something DRASTIC is done (soon), a new wave of young girls are going to think its ok when their boyfriends/spouses abuse them. Wayward boys are going to think that the abuse of women is acceptable. And the cycle of violence continues.

Whoever reads this, please pass it along, maybe this plea will reach someone of standing, who will hear this call to action and make a statement that sticks.

Update, as of the writing of this post, Oprah HAS done two specials on thie subject.  Steve Harvey has talked about it on his radio talk show, and countless other celebrities in the black community have spoken out about domestic violence.  Apparently, Rihanna and Chris Brown are also ‘taking a break.’ 

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