When to say ‘when’

Day 3 of CTIA began four hours after Day 2 ended.  I stumbled into my room at 4:30 a.m., having been dragged from one party to the next, succumbing to the subtle pressure of professional social interactions.

In my post-show travels, I had a wonderful dinner at Mesa (in Caesar’s Palace).  Afterwards, I stopped through Treasure Island for the MEF party at Christian Audigier.  From there it was on to the Playboy club at the Palm hotel (where I was thrice accosted by a over-zealous female party goer – not pleasant).  


At 3 am, when Mr. Sandman had me squarely in his sights, I was pulled into a stretch Escalade to Rick’s Cabaret (the old Scores). When it dawned on me that Rick’s was a ‘gentlemen’s club’ (gentlemen? hmmm) I immediately regretted my decision not to decouple after the Playboy party.

But it wasn’t until the lap dances started (none for me, thank you), I realized I was in over my head.  Sensing that others were looking for a messiah to lead them from salacious grips of the flesh den to the promise land of slumber, I made my move and called it a night (prompting others to do the same).

Day 3 started way earlier than I was prepared for, but I took solace in the fact that the crowds were likely to be light, and there would be no heavy lifting involved.

For future reference, I now know when to say “when.”

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