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Half full or half empty? The inspiration of Steve Harvey


Is this glass half-full or half-empty?

Is this glass half-full or half-empty?

When I got out of the shower this morning, Steve Harvey was on the radio. For those of you who listen to 107.5 FM (WBLS) on weekdays, the Steve Harvey Morning Show comes on daily, from 6 to 10 am.   

He starts each show by giving thanks and praise to the Most High, and then goes on to show people how faith in the Most High is the foremost strategy for success. From there, he transitions to inspiration and words of wisdom.

This morning, he talked about how one’s perspective and outlook on life really shapes one’s destiny.  To illustrate this point, he used the example of a cup filled half-way and asked how many of us see the cup (of life) as half full (versus half empty).

For me, a hopeless optimist, the glass is always half full and waiting to be filled to the brim. Regardless of how difficult things, may seem, I try to focus on the positive.  

Anyone who knows me knows that I maintain a happy and cheerful disposition (which belies the cracked and rotting facade underneath, but that’s another story).

When things get tough, I don’t lament my situation, my mind is always coming up with ways of dealing with the adversity with which I may be faced (aka scheming).

There are those, however (and you know who you are), who are hopeless pessimists. The world is against them, and nothing ever goes right. These folks see the cup as half empty.

Whether we accept it or not, perception is often our reality.  So if you see things as positive, even in the bleakest of situations, they are positive.  If you see things negatively, even on the best of days, they are negative.

Back to Steve Harvey. What caught my attention this morning, was the fact that every morning he starts off with inspiration.

No matter what’s happening in the world, his life or on the show, he never fails to give God props, and spread an inspirational message to his millions of listeners.  He’s trying to fill up folks’ cups.

Not for nothing, I had an extra spring in my step this morning. It’s a shitty rainy day here in NJ/NY, so it was no small feat to get me all pepped up – I was literally singing in the rain.

So I’m taking a page from the Steve Harvey playbook. For everyone within the range of my blog, HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Remember, your cup is half full, and soon runneth over.


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When Words Are Not Enough


This is Stephen's brain on writer's block

This is Stephen's brain on writer's block

In the past few weeks since my last post, I’ve started (and abandoned) a few posts, that I just wasn’t feeling.

Lots of interesting things have happened, but capturing the essence of it has been difficult to say the least.  I would never say that I’m my own worst critic, but in this regard, perhaps I am.

The one thing I hate about reading other people’s blogs is the feeling that the author is just writing to be writing. I’ve got nothing to say today folks, so blah, blah, and more blah.

I told myself that I’d never do that. If I had nothing to say, then I wouldn’t post anything. My little rule of thumb didn’t account for  the times when I had something to say, but couldn’t capture it well enough to put it out there.

It’s quite maddening because I’ve got a drafts (of things I’ve intended to say) out the wazoo (words are literally oozing out of my bum).  

There’s one entitled ‘The Chukumba Rules,’ a kids created standard of conduct we came up with while at the playground one day.  

Another, ‘WTF!’ chronicles my annoyance and frustration with not being paid on time (at a job that only pays once-a-month – can you believe the nerve of these people?). I was especially HOT (I can still feel the flames of fury) when I wrote this. 

‘Selling Your Ish Online’ is a re-do of an article I wrote years ago, but I felt was apropos considering the increasingly digital and mobile nature of the world we live in.

I even wrote one titled, ‘Gangsta Bitch’ about an old college friend, who was unapologetically unmarried and not trying to have kids, yet bewildered about how her ‘me-first’ stance was not well received by the average male (average=trying to settle down, have kids and the trappings of married life – silly average male, how little you know).

Anyway, for my six adoring fans (hey E!), I’ve not forsaken you. I’ve been suffering the old ‘writer’s block’ (it really should be called ‘writer’s malcontent with their writing’).

I’m getting back on the horse, and will force myself to be witty and engaging (or at least pretend to be).

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