Stephen Chukumba says (or asks): “Cheating vs. Murder, Do Women Prefer Killers?”

Do women really prefer murderers to cheaters?

Do women really prefer murderers to cheaters?

I was listening to Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg on Hot 97.1, and they were talking about suicide of the suspect, in the murder of the 20 year old outside of MSG, who was found in his girlfriend’s apartment. They went on to discuss a Woody Harrelson article that appeared in Playboy, in which Harrelson claims that women are crazy (which we all know).

As evidence of the loco-ness of women, he claims that women would accept a man murdering another, before they would the same man cheating on them. It sounds ludicrous, and I thought Woody had finally flown the coop.

Rosenberg was appalled at the claim that women were so shallow as to prefer a murderer to a cheater, and Cipha offered to put it to an instant survey.

He asked female listeners to call in and resolve the conflict in the studios, “who do women prefer, murderers or cheaters,’ with the opinions of the first five women to call serving as the representative opinion of all women.

The first caller: murderer. Geesh, she’s got issues.

Second caller: murderer. What the hell? Did she say murdered too?

Third caller: cheater. Finally, a chic with sense. Can you talk to these other two chickens?

Fourth caller: murderer. Uh oh. Is there something in the water?

Fifth caller: murderer. Dayammmm! These b*tches are hardcore!

4 to 1 in favor of murderers! I was shocked, but then again, we are in New York, and chics in NY are definitely harder than in other parts of the country.

But I’d like to conduct a survey of my own. For the four or five women reading this post, would you take a murderer or a cheater (and you’ve got to pick one)?

FYI.  My wife is with the murderous crew. Good to know I’ve got safe harbor should I ever decide on a life of crime.


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5 responses to “Stephen Chukumba says (or asks): “Cheating vs. Murder, Do Women Prefer Killers?”

  1. Aliya S. King

    I thought about it. I’d rather have a murdering faithful man than a cheating non-murderer.


    And I’m from Jersey.


    • I was getting ready to applaud you for your rationality until this change of heart. Really? You too? A murderer? So his lack of integrity is a worse offense then the lack of respect for human life? I’m truly buggin’!


  2. Aliya S. King



  3. um sorry Stephen..I’d say murderer too…Otherwise I’d catch the cheater and become the murderer myself 🙂


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