Stephen Chukumba says: “It’s a (input child’s gender here)!”

The wife and I are having our fourth child, due around February 4, 2010.

With the exception of Asha Ming (our first), I’ve found out the sex of each kid and she has remained in the dark, lest her foreknowledge of the child’s gender ruin the surprise she’d experience finding out at birth.

Since the ultrasound, I’ve known the gender, but the wife doesn’t know, nor does she want to know.

Despite her articulated stance, that she doesn’t want to find out, she’s been playing Sherlock Holmeslice, trying to figure out the sex of the child, without actually coming right out and asking.

It started with her trying to interpret her dreams. She used to consistently have dreams of a baby boy. According to her, her dreams always tell her the correct sex of the baby. That is, until she started having girl dreams too!

She’s gotten so crazy that I intentionally drop little statements, just to mess with her. If, for example, I say, “the baby is going to look like me,” she’s automatically assume that the baby is a boy. Or if I say, “the baby’s active like Asha Ming was,” it’s a girl.

I told her I’d put her out of her misery and just let her know the sex of the child, but she’s like “if I didn’t find out the sex of the other kids, so I’m not gonna find of this one either.”

Go figure.

Chanel, if you’re reading this, we’re having a girl/boy (select one).


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5 responses to “Stephen Chukumba says: “It’s a (input child’s gender here)!”

  1. Stephen –

    Many congrats to you and Chanel!
    I have niece #6 (or if by majestic miracle, the first nephew) on the way.

    Low and round you say…it’s a girl 🙂


  2. El

    Hey cousin!!! I think god will grace the two of you with a baby boy. For Chima’s sake I hope it’s a boy…LOL. Poor thing…he’ll have 3 sisters…yikes!! Love you guys….let’s plan to spend time together over the holidays. MMMUUUUAAAHHH!!!!


  3. Aliya S. King

    First of all, congratulations!! Me and the husband are such slackers! Just two kids between us. And only one from my loins. And I have the nerve to complain about the mess a two year old and a 12 year old make.

    I bow down to you.

    Except no.

    I bow down to Chanel Chukumba.


  4. Walidah Walker

    You’re so cruel Stephen!!! I haven’t seen the roundness or how she’s carrying the baby (all old wives tales) but I’m hopeful that it’s a boy!!!


    • Walidah, her belly is full and round-ish, but not pointy. She’s carrying low. Her nose hasn’t gotten bigger, and it doesn’t appear that this baby has robbed her of her beauty. What do your bones tell you? Someone actually was a Yoruba priestess for Halloween, shook her bones and pronounced that we’re having a boy. Are you similarly endowed with the soothsayer’s abilities?


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