Stephen Chukumba says: “Reading is fun-for-mentals.”

By my own admission I do not like to read…books, that is. That is not to say that I am a complete ignoramus, but I’m pretty close.

My wife on the other hand, devours books. She usually reads two or three books at a time. Right now, she’s reading New England White, A Yellow Raft In Blue Water  and Lost Symbol. Compared to her, I am a grunting Neanderthal, scrawling unintelligible symbols in the dirt.


Chanel is reading this...


...and this.


...and this...

She’s always talking about how good this or that author is, imploring me to pick up a book and read. I usually pshaw her, opting instead to click click clack away on my laptop. I’m on my computer all day, what do I need to pick up a book for?


I'm reading this.

Anyway, she’s just finished reading her second Stephen L. Carter book, and was gushing over how well he wrote. For a few years she’s been trying to get me to read his first book, The Emperor of Ocean Park, and I simply wasn’t having it.

But after she broke down the fact that he was an African American author, a mystery writer, and had a national bestseller, I gave in. And you know what? The book was damn good!

I couldn’t put the damn thing down! I was reading on the toilet, in bed, making breakfast, doing laundry. If I could drive and read at the same time, I would have. I’ve got about 150 pages to go (the book is 654 pages) and I can’t wait to find out ‘who dunnit.’


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6 responses to “Stephen Chukumba says: “Reading is fun-for-mentals.”

  1. Walidah Walker

    Aliya, you’re right I probably went a little too far with that one… akin to trying to get a guy to watch a girl flick… Anyway, okay Stephen how about The Black Jacobins, another really interesting read that I have yet to complete – – – it originally started out as a play was later turned into a novel…


  2. Aliya S. King

    I loved Eat, Pray Love! But I don’t think Stephen would. It’s definitely not a Neanderthalian book. (Yes, I just made that up.)


    • See, now you’re gonna have me reading another book! Listen Aliya, just cause you’re a celebrated author, who just landed her first novel don’t mean that a brother is going to stay a Neanderthal forever!


  3. Walidah Walker

    It really is a good read. I used to be such an avid reader (and still am in the sense of reading the paper and anything else that’s short, to the point and credible. But since little Maasai, I have only (he’s 3 yo now) had the opportunity to COMPLETE two books, “The Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and Eat, Love, Pray; however, there are several I’ve started, Katherine Hepburn’s autobiography, The Art of War, The Alchemist, The Shack (about 4 chapters to completion). I truly miss having that time available to escape into a book – – – NYC train ride — no longer an option. I guess my point – read when you can man, just read….


  4. Eric Brown

    Interesting side note (at least for me) on Stephen Carter. My wife was a research assistant for him when she was in law school. She’s read both books but I’ve been slummin’ a bit with the Neanderthal’s myself.


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