You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me! Pregnant, R Kelly? Really?!!


Keep this man away from your daughters.

Today, a small part of me died. I heard this song on the radio, that at first, I thought was a joke, but ended up being real.

I was casually listening to the radio and I heard someone sing the lyrics,

Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant,
Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant,
Lay your body down and get you pregnant,
Knock you up, pregnant, Knock you up

My first reaction was unadulterated laughter. I just KNEW it was one of those ridiculous parody songs from Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg, but as I listened further, I wasn’t so certain.

Is that R Kelly? I thought to myself.

This sounds like R Kelly. But I know this fool wouldn’t make such an inane song.

And I would have left it at that…

That is until I heard a brotha that sound strangely like Tyrese singing on the record too!

Tyrese, what are you doing?

Much to my chagrin, I was compelled to keep listening (you know I couldn’t turn the station until I learned if it was a real song),

Can you believe I’m in the club with a girl who has a man,
And take her to the hotel for just a one night stand,
See I’m a playa so I ain’t tryna take her on no dates,
Too much like my patrone man I’m just tryna take it straight.

When the song was finally over (Praise God!), the DJ announced, “That was Pregnant ya’ll. Ya boy R Kells featuring Tyrese. Kells doing it big once again! Call me or text me and tell me what you think about the record!”

And there it was, confirmation of all that I was dreading, but hoping somewhere deep down, where dreams go to die, that the song wasn’t real.

We all know that R Kelly is a sex crazed pervert. Even before the sex tape, we knew he had strange fetishes. But Tyrese? Why would you do a song with Kells, with his irreparably battered and bruised pedophile-ish reputation? A song about getting girls pregnant no less!

Call me crazy, but Pregnant is unquestionably the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard on the radio (and there is some pure unadulterated b*llsh*t on the radio parading as music, so that’s no small statement).

What’s next? A song with Chris Brown called Smack a Ho?

Pregnant, R Kelly? Really?!!

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One response to “You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me! Pregnant, R Kelly? Really?!!

  1. Good. Damn. Grief.

    This is a damn shame—and quite disgusting. Thank goodness my ears haven’t be assaulted by this madness yet… As you know, I’ve given up on black radio. If it ain’t already on my iPod, the babies and I aren’t listening to it. This is just utterly ridiculous.


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