My kids have aspirations.

Is this the next Black President of the United States?

Driving to school today, my daughter started telling me about all the things she wanted to be when she grew up.

Daddy, I want to be a vet, a doctor, a singer, an artist, an entomologist…

What the hell is an entomologist? Geesh, I’m not even as smart as a 2nd grader!

My son chimed in with his aspirations.

Daddy, I want to be a motorcycle racer (damn you Kabil!), a soccer player, an astronaut…

You ARE somewhat of a space cadet.

Not wishing to be left out of the discussion, the baby added her two cents.

Daddy, I’m going to be a dancer, a doctor and astronaut, a singer, an artist…

That’s what the crayon on the walls is all about!

No! I said I was going to be an artist…

I’m going to be the astronaut!

I was compelled to intervene.

Who wants to be President?

Hands shoot up in the air. Me! Me! I do!

Thank you Mr. Obama!

Who wants to be a tennis player?

More wildly wiggling arms. Me! I love tennis! Me too!

Williams sisters look out!

What about a scientist?

Arms strain towards the roof of the SUV. Me! Ooo I do! Me too!

Do we have a Edward Alexander Bouchet in our midsts?

Who wants to be a lawyer?

Rear view mirror totally unobstructed. Crickets.

I shed a silent tear.

C’mon guys, who wants to go to law school like mommy and daddy?

Crickets AND tumbleweeds.

So much for Chukumba Chukumba & Chukumba.

Anyone want to be a cyborg robotronic computerhead like your daddy?

Palms shoot up. Me! Me! Me too!

So I’ve learned that my children have aspirations, although the practice of law isn’t in the cards.

They want to be motorcycle driving, rocket piloting, goal scoring, Wimbeldon winning, pet curing, people saving, song singing, audience pleasing, canvas painting, country leading, robotronic bug watchers.

I AM as smart as a 2nd grader, after all!


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3 responses to “My kids have aspirations.

  1. Sophia Lezin

    This is hilarious! I want to post it on my page but have no idea how — new to FB and for the last 2 years had a page I didn’t check on till this weekend.
    Speaking of children, are you and the wife aiming to have a classroom?


    • Hey Sophia! Thanks for the compliment. Reposting this article is easy. You can simply copy and paste the URL into your status update window, along with your comments. If it’s too long, copy the URL and then go to and they have a feature that shortens it for you. Then you can paste that into your status update with your comments.


  2. 4V Terror

    From mouths of babes…

    That’s cool stuff that they want to do so much and they are still young yet. The family law firm could still happen for you bruh kids change their minds as they get older of course. But you have to love the innocence of their aspirations.

    My daughter is now 19 in college and studying International Business with eye towards International Law currently. Keep in mind she wanted to a Doctor her entire life… We’ll see what happens LOL

    Bottom line is they can do it all. Whether as hobbies or as careers, they need not know any bounds.


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