Single People: Do you Urban Signal?

I'm looking for all my urban singles! Is Urban Signals worth the space on my deck?

I was trolling Craigslist (as I am prone to do in a recession), and I came across a posting for a ‘Social Media Wizard‘ for Urban Signals.

Googling ‘Urban Signals’ I learned that it’s a location-based application that put social networking on steroids.

Sufficiently intrigued (I am rather SM savvy, if I do say so myself), I read further, and learned that Urban Signals was looking for a rock star who gets social media to join their team.

Ultimately, I (virtually) met Alan (in a video) who described ‘missed connections’ and how Urban Signals’ iPhone app helps to avoid making these missed connections.

The video (in which I met Alan), shows Urban Signals’ new app in action, as he stalks some chic in an effort to make a real world connection.

The Urban Signals website gives loads of information about them and the company. They’ve got a blog, and hooks into Facebook and Twitter.

They’ve also got this interesting little section that gives folks the ability to post their own ‘urban love stories.

Being an iPhone addict myself, I was intrigued by the promise of an app that would let you make anonymous but potentially intimate connections.

As I am already betrothed, and have no need for such an application, I wanted to see how my single people (All my single ladies! All my single ladies!) felt about an app that would help them hook up with other single folks.

Was there really a market for an app that would let you know when other desperate singles were lurking about?

Does this form of social voyeurism freak you out?

Or have virtual connections become the order of the day?

I’m writing this post for two reasons:

1. I’m really curious about the state of single folks today, and whether an app like Urban Signals’ is actually viable; and

2. As evidence of my genuine interest in working with them (freelance telecommute gig=perfect for me).

So all my people with iPhones, download the app and tell me what you think.

I’ve downloaded it, and I’m going to give it a spin.

And while I plan to give them my honest opinion, I don’t want to be perceived as jock-riding (for a job) if it’s really good.

More importantly, if it’s basura, I’d like more than my 2 cents in on that critique.

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