My wife is dope (and I’m not just saying that)

Those of you who know me, know I married above my station.

My wife is quite dope, and I’m just hanging around, burdening her with children to prevent her flight.

Where’s she going, you ask?

Well she’s one of the illest artist’s I’ve ever met.

She paints and sketches and basically puts her thing down.

She just completed a piece for Nneka, who stayed with us briefly when she visited the states late last year.

Chanel was so struck and inspired by Nneka when she met her, that she created this piece.

For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to meet Nneka, she is one of the sweetest most down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet.

When she stayed with us, we went to a Nigerian grocery to buy ingredients because Nneka wanted to cook us authentic egusi soup and farina. (It was delicious!)

Did I say the girl was sweet?

And if you don’t know wifey, know that she’s not painting just ‘ole anybody.

The girl’s got standards, ya dig?

So it was with eager anticipation I waited to see what she was gonna make.

This was where the piece started.

This is how the finished piece started.

And this is how it ended.

Chanel put her foot in it!

I’ve become so attached to this piece, that I’m reluctant to let Nneka have it.

But I’ve got the artist, so I guess I can let this one go.

You can check out some of Chanel’s work at her site.

I just wanted to share my wife’s dopeness with the world, lest I be accused of being selfish.

Psssst. Feel free to hit me up if you want something commissioned.


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11 responses to “My wife is dope (and I’m not just saying that)

  1. Is Chanel a fan of the artist Richard Yarde? These pieces are reminiscent of his. I like!


    • Dede,

      I’m not sure if she’s a fan of Richard Yarde per se, but with her art history background and knowledge of contemporary art/artists, I’m sure she is familiar with his work and contributions.

      Her style comes from years of experimenting with construction and deconstruction, taking pieces and combining them, working with mixed medium, juxtaposing light images with dark and heavy ones.

      If you’re going to be in Montclair, I’d love for you to drop by and see some of her pieces in real life, since its really only way to truly appreciate all that she’s got going on with these canvases.

      I’m not sure where you’re going to be in October/November, but if you’re planning on visiting Ash in Harlem, but two of Chanel’s pieces will be at the Case Frela Gallery on 119th and Lenox from Oct 23 through Nov 30, as part of the Sauti Yetu Art Exhibit.

      And as you are a patron of the arts, perhaps one of her pieces will find its way into you enviable private collection? Hint, hint?


  2. That was beautiful! Can you give me that recipe for my blog? Email me!


  3. Have always been a big fan. Still loving our commissioned family piece!


    • @Angelou, do you think you could take some closely cropped shots of the pieces that you’ve got? The hard drive that had those images got wiped, and I’d love to add them to the gallery. Also shoot me the dimensions of each piece too! Thanks!


  4. In extolling your wife’s beauty and talent you have elevated your own self to a treasured and timeless work of art!


  5. 4V Terror

    Impressive indeed… Im always amazed how people have that kind of vision to create art. The photo is amazing, I wouldnt want to let it go either. Props to you for acknowledging your wife and her talent. Bigger props to her for the talent and vision.


  6. Walidah Walker

    I love this, Stephen!!! What an awesome concept and masterfully done piece of art… Please send Chanel my love!! Miss you guys much…


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