The Importance of Convergence: Social Media and Mobile

Social media plus mobile equals audience.

One of the strategies I advocate when meeting with clients, is implementing social media and mobile into their marketing efforts.

Mobile and social media are so ubiquitous, that I routinely counsel my clients to incorporate them with all deliberate speed.

For the select few that truly comprehend their importance, they’ve become a primary approach to reaching their target audiences.

For others, social media and mobile are part of a long-term strategy, that they understand needs to be implemented, even if they don’t immediately ‘get it.’

From the technical to the ergonomic, the aesthetic and interoperability standpoints, mobile and social media represent an unprecedented amount of bang for the buck.

You get a far greater ROI utilizing social media and mobile, than virtually any other medium.

More importantly, mobile and social media have an inherent metrics-based foundation, making them the perfect tool to query your database for useful and immediately applicable information.

One of the key virtues of mobile and social media, is the fact that they provide a point of convergence for a brand’s marketing efforts.

Instead of having to develop separate and distinct campaigns for each medium, you can structure one comprehensive campaign, that incorporates the fact that it will be deployed across several mediums simultaneously.

If you read Mobile Marketer or Advertising Age or any of a number of progressive on or offline marketing publications, you’ll see this trend is growing.

As the Obama campaign made clear, the social media and mobile platforms are the standard for galvanizing support around your candidate, product or brand.

I’m sure that there are many who still doubt the veracity of my position, but alas, you may lead a horse to water…

I’ll post updates about the brands that I’m working with, paying specific attention to how they are utilizing social media and mobile to expand the breadth and scope of their respective messages.

Over time, I’m sure, almost every brand will have some form of social media and mobile presence.

Those that don’t, I fear, may go the way of the dinosaurs.


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4 responses to “The Importance of Convergence: Social Media and Mobile

  1. I am a part of the mobile media revolution and I think its great how companies are adapting to culture. Traditional ways of marketing are no longer effective. When was the last time you used the phone book? Todays world everyone uses and takes thier cell phones everywhere. We have to go where the eyes are. visit my site

    Love your posts. keep them comming!
    Heidi Hoffbauer


    • Heidi,

      Thanks for the praise (and keep it coming)! It’s so true, virtually everything people can do on their PCs, they can do on the phones. So it’s important that brands and marketers follow the trend of the eyeballs, and place their brands, offers, advertisements in front of these eyeballs. It doesn’t make sense to me that brands resist (or at least fail to rapidly employ) mobile strategies to both strengthen and grow their audiences. At the very least, a brand should have a mobile-accessible page which points the way to their offline location or supplies all of the basic information you can get from the Yellow pages!


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