Super Daddy and The Chukumba Rules

When I’m off the clock, I assume the identity of my alter-ego, Super Daddy.

This is the African version of Super Daddy.

Unlike Work, Tech or Computer Daddy, Super Daddy is 100% about the kids, so mine got a healthy dose over the weekend.

When I grabbed my phone today, one of the first things I saw were ‘The Chukumba Rules,’ a code of conduct the children and I came up with, while we were playing at the park.

They include things like behaving in public and being respectful and considerate to others.

The kids’ list (in no particular order):

1.  No hitting.

2.  When an elder is speaking, ask permission before you interrupt.

3.  Always keep up with your younger brother or sister.

4.  Respect your elders.

5.  Always do the right thing.

6.  Always tell the truth.

I didn’t say it was comprehensive. I said it was a list.

Mind you, this list is aspirational, as my kids have occasional lapses resulting in bouts of hitting each other, interrupting when adults are speaking, losing track of their siblings, being disrespectful to adults, doing the wrong thing and fibbing.

That evening, I shared the list and details of our playground excursion with the wife, and we talked about the importance of establishing a code of conduct in children early, and reinforcing it consistently.

We cringe whenever we’re in public and see other children behaving badly, and the parent simply smiles and allows their child to run amok – unchecked.

We make it a point to keep our interactions with the bratty kids of parents we know to an absolute minimum, lest our children see the undisciplined wilding of other youth as a model of behavior to bring home. HELL TO THE NAW!

Parents, establish a consistent set of rules for your children to follow, lest one day you wake to fiendish hellions embarrassing you at every turn.

Children, pay attention to the rules your parents put in place for you, lest you have children and they repay you in kind.


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5 responses to “Super Daddy and The Chukumba Rules

  1. ariannadavis

    I think the fact that your kids came up with those rules at all shows great parenting. The rules they came up with were respectful and mature, when they could have given answers like “eat as much candy as possible” or “scream at Daddy until he gives us what we want.”

    Great job!


    • @ariannadavis, you are too kind! Of course, I’m not reporting on how these rules are (not) being implemented all the time! LOL! But you’re right, I take pride in the fact that they really put thought into ways to be considerate, and not bratty!


  2. Yes, consistency is the key. I do tend to get lazy at times and then I’m screwed. Thanks for the reminder (as if my misbehaving kids weren’t reminder enough!).


  3. 4VTerror

    Thats they way to do it, establish the rules and enforce them early. I watched a teenage girl get into and sit in the shopping cart at Pathmark this weekend. The mother couldnt get her out so she walked away embarrased. The father yelled at her and she still wouldnt get out.

    All I could think is that had that been my mother. After I woke up and Dad bailed her out of jail, she would have come home and did it again.


  4. Regine Bowen

    love your alter ego pic and very good advice. very insightful to enforce a code of conduct to children. I guess we do that in practice but I’ve never thought to state it that way. I’m on it. my kids will be in check and not running amok (at least not where you can see =)


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