I’ve Been Domesticated (aka You’re Slipping Dude)

I don’t know when it happened.

One day, I’m the king of the castle.

The lord of all I survey.

My word is law.

My rule absolute.

But that day has passed.

It’s a new day now, and I’m feeling a tad…disoriented.

You see, a few weekends ago, my wife had her girlfriend over.

In anticipation of her arrival, I cooked (barbecued actually) and cleaned.

After D (my wife’s friend) arrived, I waited on she and my wife, hand and foot, attending to their every need.

As the evening progressed, I found myself cleaning up after them.

“Yes dear?” became my mantra.

I was a bonafide manservant.

The houseboy of Half of a Yellow Sun.

It was right after I poured them each another glass of wine, and began washing the dishes, that I had the most shocking revelation:

I’ve been domesticated!

There I was, standing at the kitchen sink, as my wife and her girl chatted about this, that and the other in the dining room.

I found myself (half) listening to their conversation, content in my domestication, offering my two cents from the peanut gallery.

Very much periphery to their merriment.

As I turned and smiled at some clever thing the wife was saying, I had an out-of-body experience.

The old Stephen had a few words for this pathetic domesticated creature, and it went a little something like this…


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2 responses to “I’ve Been Domesticated (aka You’re Slipping Dude)

  1. 4VTerror

    Ohhh how the mighty have fallen… Or so many would claim. Real men run the roost by helping, taking care of and participating in the household. From cooking (Lets be honest, women love that ish…), cleaning, changing the diapers to mowing the lawn. Real men do it all, you’re not domesticated my brother. You are emancipated from thinking that clubbing, ho hopping and swagger pimpin is the norm. Lest we forget https://stephenchukumba.wordpress.com/2010/03/21/i-really-need-to-get-over-myself/

    You my man are in fact “The Man”…


  2. Yeah, you REALLY need to have your own show (web/ cable/ etc). Take Care!


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