I am a Dandy.

I'm so happy to be a dandy!

I’ve noticed that I’ve got a thing for how I look.

My wife frequently refers to me as a ‘girl’s blouse’ (thanks to my British neighbor).

I, however, like to think of myself as a ‘dandy‘ (also a term I’ve got the Brit to thank).

Wikipedia defines a dandy as man who places particular importance upon physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies, pursued with the appearance of nonchalance in a cult of Self.

Now I’m not all about the ‘cult of Self,’ but I admit that I like a well made suit.

I’ve had a few bespoke suits made.

Tom James and Omar Jermaine.

I also fancy a waistcoat (a dandy’s way of saying vest – not to be confused with a petticoat – which is an underskirt – but sounds like it could be a vest).

My shoe game is not too shabby either.

A few I-t-alian joints round out my collection.

I’m fond of doing my hair too.

I regularly harass my wife to cornrow or braid my hair.

And I’ve got to smell good.

I’m an Apparition, from Emanuel Ungaro, man.

So, let’s recap:

I’m a guy that likes to get dressed, have his hair done, appreciates a fine shoe and smelling good.

Yup. I’m a girl’s blouse.

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