My Wife is Dope: Redux

Man Pouring Tea

So earlier this year, I posted up about how fly my wife is.

She had just completed this piece for Nneka, and I was totally blown away by the piece.

Well, my praise is obviously self-serving (I’ve got to live with the wench).

But she was recently selected to be a part of a group show that opens in Harlem next month.

Two of her pieces, Man Pouring Tea and Sudan, were selected to be a part of the Sauti Yetu Art exhibition, which opens October 23rd at the Casa Frela Gallery.


What’s also kinda cool, is that they asked if she would allow them to use Man Pouring Tea on the promotional materials for the show.

We were so excited that we were jumping up and down like little kids when she got the news.

And by ‘we’ I literally mean the entire family – even little Fuji who can’t stand, much less jump, was rocking his lil’ booty up in the air.

The show is actually a traveling exhibition, which will be housed at Case Frela for a month, before traveling to the other scheduled galleries.

I’m asking folks to mark their calendars now, so that you can see Chanel’s work up close and personal.

The pictures don’t do them justice.

Don’t take my word for it (because I’m obviously biased).

Come through Casa Frela on October 23rd (or before the pieces move to their next destination on November 30th) and see for yourself.

Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

And if (for some ungodly reason) you can’t make it, worry not.

We’re planning on running a promotion with We Harlem (shout out to Sergio and Lorraine), where you can get an exclusive ChanelArt wallpaper to your mobile phone or PC.

So stay tuned for more details!


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4 responses to “My Wife is Dope: Redux


    I’m SO proud of Chanel–the pieces are BEAUTIFUL, and that they’re part of a travelling exhibition is SO dope. Your wife is kinda the poo.


    • Denene,

      Thank you sweetie! I’ll be sure to pass along the compliment. We are very excited and hopefully the show will pass through ATL so you guys can see it as well.

      My wife IS the poo, ain’t she?


  2. Lynn Grillo


    Those pieces are striking and certainly deserve the recognition! I love them. What’s the medium? Congratulations to Chanel.



    • Lynn,

      I will certainly pass along the compliment. The medium is oil and acrylic on canvas, woven. She paints two paintings, cuts them into strips and then weaves them back together to form the finished piece. Hence, the ‘woven’ element of the description.

      You really have to see them in real life to truly appreciate them, so I hope you can make it to the opening.

      Cheers (and thanks for the compliments)!



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