Pete Chatmon: A Study in Creative Hustle

And the brother is dapper.

I’ve known Pete Chatmon for years.

His sister Jennifer, sang at my wedding.

Needless to say, we’re kinda close.

If you know Pete, you know that he is one of the most bout-his-hustle dudes you will ever meet.

I’ve tried to rope him into so many projects that never saw the light of day.

But despite my failed pitches, whenever I reach out, he still hits me back (I’m currently trying to rope him into a 9/11 project I’m working on – Pete I know I owe you answers to those questions – they’re coming!).

The reason I can always reach out is because Pete stays on his grind.

He recognizes that the next big thing could be a simple phone call away, so he’s primed for any and all opportunities that come his way.

He’s got his hands in so many projects right now, that I get a little light-headed just thinking about them.

For one, he’s a featured blogger on Tanqueray’s We Resist Simple blog, where he provides insight on lifestyle and culture.

He’s a Professor at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he teaches Acting for  the Camera Workshop.

Double 7 Films brought to you by Pete Chatmon

On top of that, he runs his own production company, Double 7 Films, devoted to helping aspiring filmmakers find their creative voices – and funds.

With five production credits to his name, Pete is already an accomplished and award winning producer, director, and writer.

And now, he’s off to the races with his latest project, The Bridge, a venture that blends cable television, the internet and mobile into a rich multi-layered media experience.

The Bridge is a cable tv program that focuses on the lives of several Brooklynites, and ‘The Bridge’ nightclub, the hot new spot, which serves as the focal point of the characters’ activities.

I’ve peeped some of the ‘making of’ stuff, as well as some teaser trailers and videos from people associated with the project.

And now I’m asking everyone within the sound of my blog, to check out the site, watch the videos, complete the survey (after you’ve watched the videos, of course) and follow them on Twitter.

I don’t know when the show will be airing on cable, but trust, I’ll be watching!

Handle your scandal Pete!

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