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A few days ago, I posted about the Starters+Startups: The Future of SoLoMo & You I’ll be moderating on January 25th at the ShowBiz Store & Cafe.

In preparation for that panel, I’ve decided to profile the companies that will be presenting that day, to (i) learn more about them and (ii) gain a better perspective for their offering.

And I figured I’d take you guys along for the ride.

The first company I’m profiling is

(Do they know that that’s an urban euphemism for having sex? Hmmm….)

I started my research by visiting their site. makes great use of their landing page!

And then I watched both of the short animated videos they’ve got on the landing page.

Click here to watch the first video which I simply couldn’t figure out how to embed!

The Vimeo video has better sound than the YouTube one, but you stil get the picture, despite the slightly distorted/muted sound.

After I watched the videos, I clicked on the “Merchants” tab and viewed the various offerings from Monster headphones to pizza.

Watches, headphones, pizza, name it,'s got it!

I clicked on a pair of Beats By Dre headphones (did you hear about the split between Beats and Monster?) and was immediately taken to another page which showed me pictures, the price and product specs.

Buy it. Taap it. Add it to your wish list. Share it. gets this whole SoLoMo thing down! also gives the address and a map showing me where I could cop it if I wanted to run out and grab them right away (H & B Digital on 46th Street).

There was also a comments section at the bottom, where other users could comment on the product, but there was a glitch in the matrix as one user was “tapping it” like a gagillion times.

Andrew Kaplan, stop tapping so much. It's embarrassing.

From here, I went to the “Mobile” side of the site, by tapping the “Mobile” button on the left side of the page.

I was immediately presented with the “How Works” video I had previously watched on the home page, followed by four frames which walked visitors through the steps to getting items listed on

Start Selling On Mobile Today

Create A Promotion Instantly

Point. Shoot. Sell.

Mobile Storefront In Minutes.

After taking a look at the rest of the tabs on the page, I navigated to the ‘About Us’ page, where the company provided a little information about the service. “combine[s] the best of online and offline shopping and eliminate[s] the frustration. We create[d] a whole new shopping experience and put it in the palm of your hand through a sweet little mobile app, called

You now can browse for specific products, exact dishes, and particular services (more than just store name and location) that your neighborhood stores have to offer. Everything comes with photos so you know exactly what you are getting. You can buy directly on the app and enjoy fast local delivery.”’s app makes brilliant use of mobile and local, by giving users information about what they want or are looking for, and helps them locate it within proximity to where they are.

I downloaded the app today, and I’m going to take it for a spin. on my iPhone

I’ll update this post with my post-test drive feedback.

If you’ve already heard of, or have used their app, please feel free to share your experience with me!!


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3 responses to “SoLoMo Profile:

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  2. Andrew

    I’ve used the app before and it’s pretty cool.


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