It’s Not Over Yet! SOPA & PIPA, the day after the Blackout

This morning, I got a slew of emails, discussing yesterday’s historic internet Blackout, by Wikipedia, and a host of other internet sites, who have made it their mission to fight the SOPA and PIPA bills attempting to make their way through the Senate and the House.

The central theme of each of these messages, is the fact that the fight isn’t over, and that we have to continue to press our elected representatives to oppose these bills.

Here is a great video that gives a really quick and informative primer on the whole PIPA issue, I talked about yesterday.

The video was produced by Fight For The Future, a non-profit helping to organize the historic strike against the web censorship bills SOPA and PIPA on their site, where you can find a list of websites that are striking and more information.

There’s a vote coming up, and the music and movie industry lobby is still motivated to try to push through some superficially altered form of the original bill.

Stay aware and informed!

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One response to “It’s Not Over Yet! SOPA & PIPA, the day after the Blackout

  1. Voting has been delayed. Madness!


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