2 responses to “Mobile Engagement: SMS, Apps, Mobile Web, QR Codes, SnapTags

  1. For the SnapTags, isn’t it possible for them to integrate a pre-designed text message into the original code? So when someone takes the picture it brings up the texting info along with a pre-written text. I think that is potentially the key to that progressing as the standard in mobile device engagement.

    To me the QR code was always a one off because it unfortunately brings me to a mobile website that I isn’t necessarily what I want . It is better if within the code is the information, so the phone becomes more of a decoder than a glorified button. For example, if I scanned a QR code at an Apple Store I would prefer that it provides the information on whatever product I scanned and ask me if I want to forward the information to a friend, my social media account or register my phone to receive a instant coupon/rebate. As it stands most of these engagement approaches are very elementary, but this is where the technology is right now.

    Maybe after the iPhone 8 we will be on track.


    • Kris, I’m not that versed on SnapTags, but I know that they have a number of more expansive uses/options than your standard QR code. If you take a picture of a SnapTag and send it to a short code, you get a response via text to your phone, which may include a link to additional content, but I don’t think that it occurs automatically (immediately after you snap the tag). Perhaps there is a different user experience if you’ve got the reader application installed (I’ll check).

      QR codes is the flavor of the month. It can be configured so that it triggers more than simply sending you to a mobile website – although I think if it’s going to take you somewhere, taking you to a mobile site is a smart destination. I agree that the information triggered should be more intuitive and give the user information that’s actionable (and doesn’t require them to continue to navigate to access the content they’re looking for).


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