President Obama channels Al Green at the Apollo

I was going to give you an elaborate post about mobile engagement tools, but I saw this last night, and had to share:

Only President Obama could pull off (a few lines) of Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together.

Apparently on a dare!

It’s this sense of spontaneity that makes Obama the President that he is.

And why he raised $3.6 million yesterday on his latest jaunt through New York city.

Haven’t heard back from team Obama (remember I sent a resume online?), but I’ll still rep for the Big 0.

Especially when he’s coming with all that swagger!

With the heavy news coverage on his little song, I wouldn’t be surprised if this video is viral by this weekend.


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2 responses to “President Obama channels Al Green at the Apollo

  1. Duke, this version of Obama singing is already at 9,815 views. I would imagine that it’ll be well over 100,000 by the time the weekend is out! I’m waiting for the parodies of this (in addition to the mash-ups)! Thanks for the comment!


  2. Duke

    the video has definitely has gone viral, the man can actually sing!

    i’m patiently waiting for the crazy mash-up remixes that will soon be lighting up youtube…


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