Luck. HBOGo App. Well done.

I just saw a commercial for Luck, a new show on HBO featuring Dustin Hoffman, in some gangster-ish role.

The series premier is January 29th, and the commercial came on after some date movie with Tina Fey (love her!) and Steve Carell.

I didn’t really watch the commercial, but I gleaned from the flashing images that it involves race-track betting – betting on horses – gambling – or some combination of them all.

Luck, featuring Dustin Hoffman.

In one clip Dustin appears to hurt someone.

I did say he was gangster-ish right?

But at the end of the clip, the announcer says that the episode will be available on the HBOGo iPad App, immediately after it airs.

And then he said something that had my interest piqued…

Next week’s episode would be available…wait for it…only on the app!

An upcoming episode available a week before it’s broadcast?!!

Bravo HBO!

HBOGo is doing it!

I won’t go into any great detail explaining this one, and I may have misheard what they said – nope I just saw the commercial again.

I was only paying half-attention earlier.

It’s clear to me that the HBOGo app is an essential tool for extending the reach of HBO’s content.

So much so that they’re providing a loyal tribe of iPadions (or is it iPadders?) with exclusive content, albeit around a new show.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to watch the following episode of their favorite show immediately after the previous episode airs?

That’s way better than watching a teaser trailer or just catching tantalizing tidbits of an upcoming episode.

I don’t know if HBO offers this for all it’s content, or just the new programs, but I love this integrated approach for seeding and building audience simultaneously through their app.

I’ve got the app on my iPad, but I rarely actually use it.

So I don’t think I’ll be tuning into Luck (even though there’s a great cast) nor will I be taking advantage of that exclusive perk.

But if you’ve got an iPad app, have cable/Fios, watch HBO, and are interested in horse-racing, check it out and let me know what you think.


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2 responses to “Luck. HBOGo App. Well done.

  1. Arthur Fonzarelli

    I was out of town and completely forgot about the series premier of Luck; I’m kicking myself for that. I’m a huge Dustin Hoffman fan, and so I was very excited about this new show. I was still able to watch the first episode though, since I use the HBOGO services that come through on my DISH Remote Access app from DISH. I love this thing; it is so convenient for me! In fact, I watched the first episode and was still able to schedule the timer so all the new episodes are recorded. When the new season of Game of Thrones comes out, there’s no way I’d be able to space out the first episode since they will probably have a promotion at work at DISH.


    • I agree wholeheartedly! The iPad is great. I have Fios and have used the Fios app to schedule recordings on my DVR when I can’t watch a show when it airs. Did you watch the upcoming episode on your iPad or are you a purist and will only watch it when it airs? Did the fact that they offered the upcoming episode on the iPad motivate you at all? I’m curious to get your feedback on whether that was an enticement for you or not. Thanks for your input!


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