Ning: Was never a fan and (now) never will be.

I just got this email from Ning advising me that unless I moved my Ning account to a premium version, my account would be deleted.

Pay us, and we'll 'renew' your network.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ning, it’s an online platform for people and organizations to create custom social networks.

At the time I created the particular account, that Ning was now placing on the chopping block, I was helping a client explore which of the various platforms to use to help build their social media footprint.

Ning was definitely one of the frontrunners (at the time) due to all the buzz in the industry about what Ning was doing in the social media space.

Several brands I work with, had established Ning social pages, to varying degrees of success.

By and large, it appeared that bands and musicians were the most active users of the Ning platform.

But ReverbNation was also doing the same thing (only better).

Anywho, the love affair is clearly over, and the powers that be at Ning have decided that if you’re not anteing up, you’re not staying on their platform.


Where you were once able to maintain an account for free, Ning now requires that you have a premium account.

Mind you, Ning is shameless in their efforts to drive premium enrollments.

When I visited the site pages they were taking down, I was presented with this pop-up screen:

Shameless tactics!

Curious, I filled out the form, and check the email I received after signing up to access the (now defunct and inaccessible) page.

Dear Network're screwed!


I’m not interested in ‘bringing back the network’ so on February 10, my little research experiment is going where all unloved web pages go to die.

And about that client, they now have a burgeoning and thriving community…on Facebook.

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