iMentor Interactive: The New Face of Mentoring

I just completed an interview to become a mentor with iMentor Interactive.

iMentor is an organization whose mission is to improve the lives of high school students from under-served communities through evidence-based, technology-enabled mentoring.

iMentor Interactive uses technology, curriculum, and targeted support to create a new, more powerful mentoring model.

A few weeks ago, I sat through a training session with twelve other potential mentors, and my telephone interview today brought me one step closer to being a full-fledged mentor.

What makes iMentor unique, is its perspective on mentoring.

Rather than focus on the time mentors can’t give, iMentor developed a program that works around the time a mentor can give.

iMentor mentors commit to meeting their mentees in person at least once a month, and corresponding with their mentees via email, at least once a week.

iMentor envisions a nation in which all youth are connected to college-educated mentors who can provide the support and guidance they need to graduate from high school and succeed in college.

The iMentor Interactive model is so compelling that Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced during his State of the City address, that iMentor is partnering with 10 leading New York-based companies.

Each company will recruit 100 of their employees to serve as mentors for high school students in low-income communities.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also recently gave the organization $500,000 to support iMentor’s programming.

I’m still in the vetting process (iMentor screens their mentors very carefully), but hopefully I’ll be matched with a mentor soon.

I signed up for a three year mentorship, which means that (if I’m matched) I’ll mentor a student from their sophomore or junior year of high school, through their senior of high school or freshman year of college.

If you’ve ever wanted to mentor, but never thought you could, definitely check iMentor out.

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