Curious? Check out Curious Brain.

I just had a really cool meeting with Kenny Engels, the CEO and co-founder of Curious Brain, an app development company out of Dumbo (Brooklyn).

Curious Brain not The Curious Brain. There's a difference.

If you’re not familiar with Curious Brain (not to be confused with The Curious Brain – which is Michael Paredrakos’ interesting blog – the SEO is messy, I know), I’ll forgive you (this time).

They’ve flown pretty much under the radar to date, but that’s all about to change.

I can’t go into the details now, but suffice it to say, there are big tings a’gwan over there.

What I can tell you is that Curious Brain is a boutique shop, with several inspired mobile apps under their belt.

With kids apps, music apps, parenting apps, Curious Brain’s stuff makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

I took a look at their site, which contains a small sampling of their work.

Curious Brain's quirky and clean website.

They make elegant apps.

According to Kenny, what separates Curious Brain from other app development agencies, is their focus on design.

Indeed, the principals of Curious Brain are steeped in technology and design – dude was looking through a THICK stack of wireframes for a project they’re working on right now.

But I digress.

Paul Frank features prominently in their portfolio.

Julius, you silly monkey!

Several of the apps they’ve developed incorporate the aesthetic sensibility of the designer, and users interacting with the apps are completely immersed in the signature world of Paul Frank.

TouchCords, a proprietary suite of apps they developed, is another example of Curious Brain’s penchant for combining elegant design with technical functionality.

TouchCords teaches guitar chords and fingering on your iPhone.

TouchCords is an iPhone guitar reference and practice companion that helps users learn proper fingering and chord techniques.

The free version of the app, gives users the ability to see and hear proper chording, by showing them where their fingers should be placed on a realistically designed fretboard.

As is my custom, I downloaded one of their apps to take for a test drive.

Julius Funkit is loads of kiddie fun!

They’ve got a Julius FunKit iPad app, and since my kids harass me constantly to play with my iPad, I grabbed that.

It’s a $.99 premium app, that let’s kids “match”, “count”, “dress up”, or “stack” different graphics on the screen.


Julius hops about in response to the correct placement of items on a picnic table in “match”.


A ‘Rad’ panda (?) responds similarly in the counting game.

Players earn badges for successfully completing each game, providing incentives for kids playing.

In addition to making apps, Curious Brain provides game development, character development, UI, content platform design and development, as well as a host of virtual instrument and custom design services.

Kenny’s background in music and mobile, perfectly informs the direction of Curious Brain, and the brain trust (get it?) at the agency (which includes a couple of Harvard grads), complements his formidable skill set.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out their website or like them on Facebook.

But don’t do it for me.

Do it if you’re curious.

I couldn’t help myself.

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