PAL Party Rockers: A Flash Mob is coming to NYC!

I’m planning a flash mob for the Police Athletic League (better know as PALNYC) this Thursday, April 26th, and I’m super excited.

Why the excitement, you ask?

For one, this is my first flash mob.

Second, it’s PAL’s idea (Karen Trank’s, specifically) to have the flash mob.

Third, any kind of spontaneous event is an attention grabber, so PAL’s gonna get a lot of traction from this one.

Finally, I’m working with kids – Stephen love da kids (said in your best Trick Daddy voice).

So the fact that I’m producing a flash mob for PAL with kids is a win-win.

I’ve enlisted Seye Charles, the founder of Focused Movement, to choreograph and teach the routine for the flash mob.

I’ve seen Seye in action, and this brother knows his stuff.

Seye is also the founder of Teens Step Up, a not-for-profit organization that trains youth to step, teaching them the importance of teamwork.

You can imagine how excited we all were at the first rehearsal to practice PAL’s Party Rockers flash mob routine.

That’s right.

You heard me.

We’re using the LMFAO anthem, Party Rockers In The House Tonight, as our theme music.

What better way to set it off in the streets?

There are rehearsals scheduled to take place at five PAL centers in New York, Duncan Center, IS 218 Beacon, Armory Center, Harlem Center and Brownsville Beacon.

Just in case you can’t make rehearsals, we recorded the routine for the flash mob so that folks could still join us on Thursday.

The location of the flash mob is still a closely guarded secret, but I’m going to be posting details all next week, so rehearse and maybe you’ll be able to join us.

We’re already a finely tuned machine, and our goal is to have 250 people takeover a major street in Soho.



Stay tuned for more info.

Better yet, hit up their ‘Event‘ page on Facebook for details as they’re released.

If you haven’t already, please ‘Like’ the Police Athletic League’s page on Facebook.

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