When 8 and 5 equals Zero. Chad Ochocinco (is a jackass)


I’ve just gotta put my two cents in on Chad Ochocinco.

He was recently arrested for head butting his wife during a dispute outside of their home.

As a result of his foolishness, he’s been released by the Dolphins and is likely looking at jail time.

Now, we all know that a man should never put his hands on a woman.

That presumes that you also don’t head butt, karate chop, drop kick or otherwise cause any other form of bodily injury to your woman (or any other woman for that matter).

People are asking, “what was he thinking?”

But clearly, he wasn’t.

If he were, he would have paused (at least momentarily) and reflected on the impact of injuring his wife: going to jail, losing his job, cancellation of his reality show and the absolute PR nightmare that accompanies domestic abuse.

Unfortunately (for him – and those who rely up in his income) he didn’t (think) and now he’s watching his life being flushed down the toilet.

But we are talking about Chad Ochocinco.

The guy who changed is name to the Spanish pronunciation of “8-5” (the number on his Bengal’s jersey).

Who does that?

Who went on Dr. Phil to defend his refusal to voluntarily pay child support to any of his numerous baby mommas.

Because $600,000 a month is too little to live on AND have to share with your children.


(That was Terrell Owens – not Chad. But who can tell these trifling football players apart?)

And famously stated that he prefers light-skinned and white woman to Black women.

Thanks for validating our dark-skinned sisters!

Mr. Johnson (his real last name) is not known for his intelligence.

I’m ashamed and embarrassed (for him) and I feel really bad for his (soon-to-be-ex) wife and kids.

Some example this fool is setting.

I wonder how many Ochocinco-files are going to come out in support of him, as throngs did in the wake of Chris Brown’s assault of Rihanna.

Is Twitter going to be a flutter with girls asking to be head butt by Ochocinco anytime?

Will Jay Z and P Diddy continue to support their friend because we haven’t heard both sides of the story?

Hopefully, his wife will press charges and send this fool away.

But I doubt it.

If Chris Brown’s light prosecution and slap on the wrist sentencing (community service), or Floyd Mayweather’s three month sentence for assaulting his girl are any indication, it’s unlikely that 8-5 is going to do much time.

Or learn anything, for that matter.

I’m just sad that another Black man, in the public eye, is acting like a jackass.


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2 responses to “When 8 and 5 equals Zero. Chad Ochocinco (is a jackass)

  1. Winston Clayton

    …I feel you on this is I have or feel NO remorse to athletes behaving badly; because yes we can see that there’s an obvious double standard in the NFL when you have players such as Ben Roethlisberger who allegedly raped a woman but guess what; he’s still an exalted member of the Pittsburgh Steelers and oh did I forget to mention that he’s white…yeah I know some people will say, there they go pulling that ole race card again; put hey it is what it is and I will pull and use my race card as I see fit…but Ochocinco or Chad Johnson as he is now being called got his N*gger wake up call and it was served to him well. To see that video of him basically cowering to that coach who just sat there all cool, calm, and collective as he conducted what seemed like a formality by saying “that it’s just not a fit anymore”. (Translation: “We’ve hated your ass for a while and now we’ve got our excuse to dump your ass. Bye bye.”). He really set himself up for this downfall as he put himself in a position with his antics and behavior to be one who needed a reality check. So now he has no football career, no “wife”, no reality show, hey he’s a famewhore do what the rest does, release a sex-tape, do something pervocative, or whatever. Hopefully he will see that as a blackman, you don’t get second chances unlike his clear complected (is that even a word…you) (yes I know this isn’t on dictionary.com I made it up, sue me…me) counterparts. But there’s always the Dallas Cowboys, they don’t call them the halfway house of the NFL for nothing; I’m sure they would welcome him with open arms.


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