Get my cook on! Salmon curry rub.

I gets down for my get down in the kitchen. Ya dig?

I was inspired to post about food because of my girl Oneika.

Every Sunday, she writes a post (the eve of Meatless Monday) on about what she’s cooking.

Since I’m always cooking, I figured I’d write a post about how I gets bizzy in the kitchen.

If you were unaware, I throws down in the kitchen.

I don’t mean I can cook – I. Throws. Down.

Pots throughout New Jersey and the metropolitan area, speak of me as legend.

Take today for instance.

Chanel has been complaining about how excessively spicy the salmon filet she’s ordered from HLS have been.

She’s gotten the honey jerk, the mustard vinaigrette, and even a ‘hold the sauce’, but they’ve all been too spicy.

I figured that since she’s so fond of pan-grilled salmon, I’d give the pans some lovin’ and hook her up.

So I pulled out a pound and a half of wild Alaskan salmon (I leave the farm raised alone).

After cleaning it (salt & water), I patted it dry and applied a salt and curry rub, with a little olive oil sprinkleddrizzled in for good measure.

Salmon’s looking good enough to grill!

I don’t really do measurements (so use your own discretion when seasoning – if you want to make this) but I probably rubbed about a tablespoon of curry, a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of olive oil.

Then, I cut the salmon into six (relatively) equal sized portions.

I drizzled the pan with a little olive oil, placed in my salmon portions (seasoned side down) in over a medium flame, and covered the pan.

After about five or six minutes, I flipped the salmon over onto the skinned side.

The salmon had cooked through, but I wanted to give the skin a little crispiness and texture.

A minute later, they were done.

Curry and salt rubbed salmon ready to go!

Dropped a portion on a plate with some brown rice, a little bit of sautéed cabbage I’d made earlier (really simple – cabbage cut into small rectangular portions, salt, pepper, paprike, chili powder, olive oil, sautéed for about 10 minutes in a covered pan – applying a splash of water occasionally to create a sort of gravy during the sautée) – and viola!

Curry and salt rubbed salmon was a hit with Chanel, and you’re more than welcome to try this recipe yourself.

And make sure you let me know what you think!


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2 responses to “Get my cook on! Salmon curry rub.

  1. Looks delish!!! I was actually thinking about a salmon recipe this week!! Nice job dude!


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