Israel Vibration, Inner Circle, Mighty Diamonds. Jamaica celebrates 50 years of independence.


I’m backstage VIP-style with the fam at Central Park, listening to Israel Vibration rip the stage down.

The concert is part of Summer Stage, the free summer-long concert series.

Today’s show is special because it commemorates the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence.

You have no idea what it’s like standing a few feet from reggae royalty.

If you don’t know who Israel Vibration is, I feel sorry for you.

They’re only one of the most storied groups in reggae music.

And I’m backstage with them – not right this moment – they’re performing on stage right right now – but you know what I’m saying!

I’m chilling with members of Inner Circle and Israel Vibration and I’m in heaven.

I’m a reggae-holic.

I can OD on reggae.

Which is probably why my side hustle involves promoting reggae bands.

I’m keeping this post super-short cause I’m missing the music.

Central Park. SummerStage. Good music. Free.

Jah! Rastafari!


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