Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Stevie J makes me feel dirty.

I can’t do ‘reality shows’.

They’re just too base for me.

Folks acting like pure idiots, trying to outdo one another with outrageous behavior.

Behavior that, I suspect, wouldn’t likely occur if the cameras were turned off.

One show, that I believe, achieves all-time lows, is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

I’ve watched a sum total of 15 minutes of the show.

And that 15 minutes was all I could stomach.

Mind you, it was 15 minutes watched cumulatively over a few episodes.

In one segment, a guy by the name of Stevie J was meeting with a therapist with his girlfriend Mimi, and his artist Joseline (who he was apparently having relations with).

The doctor who they met with, Dr. Jeff Gardere (the same doctor from The Maury Povich show – hmmmm) was trying to help the aforementioned Stevie J see how his behavior wasn’t fair to his women.

At one point, the artist, Joseline Hernandez, is invited into the session with Stevie J and his girlfriend, and promptly starts whupping on Stevie J, when he reveals that he’s been living with his girlfriend, while sleeping with Joseline.

When security rushed into the room, I thought, “How many doctor’s offices have six beefy security guards on call?”

Reality television my ass.

In another clip, on a different day, Stevie J is talking about how he has invited Joseline to to the studio meet his new artist.

The new artist looks like a combination of Joseline and Keisha Cole, and we’re shown clips of Stevie J, rubbing her arms as Joseline walks into the studio.

Things promptly go south, as Joseline verbally chastises Stevie J, and suggests that the new artist start “sucking his d*#!” since that’s what she’s there to do, before storming out.

After Joseline leaves, Stevie J and the new artist high five one another (celebrating him being byatched on national tv perhaps), before she stands up and starts twerking in front of Stevie J, who responds by smacking her ass.

Doesn’t this dude just look like a scumbag?

Cut to Stevie J remarking about how Joseline doesn’t realize that the Stevie J bus can just go down the road and pick up another girl who’s ready to ‘get on the bus’ and ‘take a ride’.

I couldn’t make this stuff up people.

After watching this second segment, I felt…dirty.

Like I had to take a shower and wash my eyes out with bleach.

Stevie J should be called Sleazy J because he comes across as a lecherous pig.

I’m all about one getting his or her man on.

But give me a break!

Have some class…a modicum of respect.

For yourself, if for no one else.

But Stevie J takes the cake for being the grimiest, most low down, nasty bastard on tv.

It doesn’t help that cats are putting this fool on camera, strangely validating his particular brand of sleaze.

Thankfully, this season has come to a close, and we can allow our eyes and psyches to heal from this particular brand of televised filth….

Until next season…


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3 responses to “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Stevie J makes me feel dirty.

  1. Tonya Clark

    Ya. I concur with previous comments. You wonder why the moral values of the black community are so ‘diluted’ at this era we are in. OMG!! I especially ‘feel’ for the young black women. Well television can be a curse or blessing, and the ‘gatekeepers’…. (Producers, and network owners) definitely
    are holding keys to what is released. The only solution is that parents become more proactive and involved and engaged with their children watching programs.. We are in an era where every[thing] that is marketable and selling is ‘sex’, drugs, and its the in thing according to ‘Scrappy”, to fire up some bud. Not only just him that is the banner for the hip hop culture, that is their signature trade mark, And guess what teenagers, like to fit in with their counterparts. We as the parents of our children are enabling this ‘wave of catastrophic change’ to overtake our youth. We have to be careful, often parents are distracted with their own world of ‘living’, that , they are not paying attention to all the ‘vices’, and temptations that are at the lap of thier youth. Back to the subject. Atlanta, Love Hip Hop……Huum Thumbs Down!!! You producers have created a ‘false reality’ for how the majority of the Lives of an Average Hip Hop Artist is… being that the majority of them are still hustlers on the steet and making beats from somebodies basement.. That is the majority of the hip hop culture, but that is is hardly ever ever covered, or shown, Only the ‘glam’ look fake reality of this culture is captured.
    Dr. King died for this?????…….We need to do a reality check African Americans.


    • Tonya, thanks for your comment. There is a lot of ‘unreality’ parading around as reality. And you’re right. Parents need to be filters for our children, so that they know NOT to take their cues from the fake lives being promoted on television. But grown ups need filters too. The only reason Love & Hip Hop Atlanta exists is because folks tune in. For all the talk about how ratchet it is, too many of us can’t help but tune in to watch the train wreck. If you’re really interested in doing a reality check, make sure you check yourself first, and don’t add your viewing time to the statistics which keep ratchetness on the air.


  2. Winston Clayton

    …I concur that I really agree with you on this one, and even though you beat me by watching 15 minutes; I was only able to stomach 5 minutes (HA). First of all this isn’t “reality” as they have writers; and I can say I have some very colorful friends who really have drama but nothing compared to this. Yes I know they film over time and edit down to the “good parts” but still after the torturous five minutes of this mess; I was ready for an eye-on-dectomy (don’t judge me, I made this word up) after witnessing this travesty. I get most of the happenings and updates by just getting on FB on Monday nights between 8-9pm and I read what took place. It seems as if it’s a popular show with some of my FB friends but I can’t stomach it, I swear if there was a devil that VH1 signed a pact with it to only produce shows that shows minorities in a negative light. One really have to question how low some people would go and what they would do for the Almighty Dollar, as they would allow themselves to be subjected to such buffonery on a weekly basis. As they say though, if there’s a demand then they will continue to supply; it’s human nature to watch accidents and this train wreck is no different in satisfying the voyeuristic tendencies in the masses to get a peek into other peoples artificially constructed “drama”. I really miss the days of old when we had real TV shows with real actors that had a story-line that at least you knew it was just a TV show and not some hood fantasy…


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