Dudes give the best advice.

I’m siting with a bunch of friends grilling for Labor Day.

There are nine children among the three married couples here.

Bob Marley is on and we’re chilling island style.

Conversation among the womenfolk turns to the various issues the ladies’ unmarried girlfriends are going through.

And soon the menfolk are called in to provide the male perspective.

It’s become a sort of ritual at our get togethers.

So much so that our wives have repeatedly asked us to write a blog or advice column.

You see, when we give advice on this homegirl or that’s particular man problem, we go in.

We break down the who, what, where and on why dudes roll the way they do, and what we think old girl needs to do to handle her business.

Unlike the advice most women get from their girls, our advice cuts to the chase.

In the world of online dating networks, social media and texting, the game has changed.

Steve Harvey, is the quintessential authority on dating, but his perspective doesn’t necessarily translate to a younger digitally savvy advice seeker.

Which is where we’re planning on setting up shop.

We’re about to tag a couple of hot online dating and social spaces, and start dropping jewels!

So I’m letting you know affirmatively that we’re planning on dropping an Bruhman Advice Network (working title-gimme a sec).

We flirted with the idea months ago.

The ill-fated The5Bros was the result.

At the time we were gung-ho, but under-invested.

So The5bros became digital fodder on the landscape of abandoned Ethernet ideas.

But the second coming is…coming.

That sounds sexual.

But I digress.

I’ve dug in on this whole blogging thing.

And the problem that stalled our last effort…consistent editorial output is no more.

So ladies (and gentlemen) check for straight-talk coming to a blog near you.

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