Et tu, GoDaddy? Is nothing safe from hackers?

Damn! Damn! Damn!

At around 10:00 am Monday morning, hackers got to GoDaddy and took them out!

In the process, they took a buttload of sites, that rely on DNS and GoDaddy hosting, offline.

I totally stumbled on this outage yesterday by happenstance.

I was getting ready to share a link with a colleague, and checked to confirm that the URL worked.

Lo and behold, the site was down.

I got some random error message saying something about ‘DNS being wrong’ or ‘unable to connect’ or something like that.

Disturbed, I rechecked the address and tried again.

Same thing.

Since I knew the site’s developer (and not to be deterred), I pinged them.

They were completely unaware that their site was down.

Luckily (as they were developers) they were able to quickly determine the root cause.


One hacker, in particular, to be exact.

His Twitter handle identified him as “Anonymous Own3r”.

And this dude singlehandedly brought down the largest web site hoster in the world.

Didn’t I just write about hackers?

GoDaddy was under some pretty withering criticism as a result.

GoDaddy hosts literally millions of web sites.

Their Twitter account was off the chain, as hundreds  tens of thousands tweeted complaints about the issues they were having with their GoDaddy hosted websites.

All they could do was apologize and assure the angry masses that they were doing everything they could to get the affected sites back online.

Luckily, GoDaddy was able to repair the impact of the hack before the end of business.

The site I was trying to share was back online within the hour.

But it, once again, goes to show how tenuous the grasp on online security really is.

All in a day’s hack, I guess.

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