Is Rihanna a ‘Diamond’ in the rough?


I was making breakfast for the kiddies this morning, when I heard Kay Foxx of Hot 97 say she ran into Jay Z who was gassed about a new Rihanna song.

Jay Z gassed?

Over a Rihanna song?

Maybe she meant to say ‘Beyonce’.

Yeah, that’s it.

Wait, she said it again.

Rihanna’s got this new song that Jay Z is excited about.


I’m no fan of Rihanna.

She’s made a bunch of commercially successful songs, but her singing can best be described as…

…cats clawing a blackboard.

Her songs are cute, but her voice is so…annoying

Needless to say, I was intrigued to hear the song that Jay Z was gassed about.

The song is called Diamonds, and they played it right after Kay Foxx’s intro.

In a word, I was…underwhelmed.

There wasn’t anything particularly moving about the song.

There was no ‘umbrella – ella – ella – ay – ay – ay’ flair.

Or any flair, for that matter.

But maybe I’m just an old head, disconnected from that which moves the masses.

Perhaps Jay Z is a super A&R with a golden ear, who just hears hits.

Doubtful, but that’s besides the point.

Lest I concede that I’m an old fart, let me put this to a vote.

Is Rihanna’s song Diamonds a hit or not?

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