Sue me and I’ll sue you back. The Apple Samsung saga continues.

Surprise, surprise.

Today TechCrunch announced that Samsung filed a patent lawsuit against Apple, alleging among other things, that the iPhone 5 violates several of Samsung’s patents.

I find it quite humorous that Samsung is suing Apple for patent infringement, when by their own assessment, the iPhone 5 is eons behind Samsung’s Galaxy SIII.

Is Apple violating the ‘not-living-up-to-expectations‘ patent?

Perhaps it’s the ‘my-phone-does-way-less-things-than-yours-does‘ patent that Samsung is protecting.

Or it could be the ‘your-phone-is-almost-as-unwieldy-as-mine‘ patent, that Samsung takes issue with.

Whatever the actual basis for the suit, I doubt the case has any real merit.

From what I gather, the suit is a function of principle.

Per the statement issued earlier today,

“We have little choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our innovations and intellectual property rights.”

Little choice huh?

It has absolutely nothing to do with the billion dollar shellacking you took recently?

Yeah, right.

We all know that Samsung has to (try to) save face after having their bums handed to them.

So, they’ve trumped up some claims that Apple violated one of the 30,000 patents that Samsung owns or has acquired.

We’ve been down this road before, haven’t we?

Samsung has sued Apple in nine different countries, and has been successful a grand total of zero times.

When will they learn?

They get an “E” for effort, “T” for nice try.

That’s for all my Tribe Called Quest folks in da house!

If I were Samsung, I’d take my lumps and accept that I’ll never be the leader of the pack…

Except the pack o’ fools telling you to waste your money on these frivolous lawsuits.

Don’t you know your lawyers will follow your silly asses all the way to the bank?

Oh well, it’s your money.

Take solace in the fact that their commercials lambasting Apple are pretty funny – even to Apple fans.

But another lawsuit?


Give it a rest.

Being number <insert any number but “1”> isn’t all that bad.

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