All politicians lie. But some (Romney) are bigger liars than others.

I’ve been in a number of Facebook debates with pro-Romney folks, and I love how myopic things get every presidential election year.

It’s so funny because I’m not really a fan of Obama.

He’s done a lot during his presidency, to fix the clusterfuck left by George W.

We’re not out of the dark yet, but there are clearly brighter days ahead.

And it’s thanks to Obama, some bi-partisanship and the policies that were put in place to prop up Wall Street, Detroit, the mortgage industry, and the list goes on.

But somehow, Obama has been cast as the grand villan, responsible for the mess, and not the guy who undertook to clean it up.

What’s worse, the party responsible for putting us in the mess in the first place, are casting themselves as the solution to Obama.

It’s like folks have amnesia.

Didn’t we just have a president who’s track record before he took office was ruining corporations?

Isn’t Bain Capital another example of a privileged under-achiever playing god with other people’s moolah.

Far from being a financial wizard, Romney is a one-trick pony, who’s one-trick is the art of borrowing.

Romney believes in one thing – spending other people’s money.

And that political philosophy is the exact one that put America into the greatest recession we’ve ever experienced.

As my younger brother says, do the research, which is something that Romney (and Ryan) don’t do.

In the wake of the first debate, Both candidates exaggerated multiple facts and figures.

But Romney was by far, the worse offender.

Sure, he sounded great, and came off sounding ‘strong on the economy’.

But the reality is that he was telling numerous untruths and flip flipping on issues like a fish on the deck of a boat.

I guess Romney is simply following the path of Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion, who decided to make up his own religious doctrine when Christianity didn’t suit him.

And if the fact that our potential future president follows the ramblings of a 19th century religious zealot doesn’t concern you, what are a few lies going to do?

And with that, I bid you adieu.

We can talk politics November 7th after we learn which of the pied pipers will occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for the next four years.


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2 responses to “All politicians lie. But some (Romney) are bigger liars than others.

  1. But Obama never called him on it. That was a failure too. Sad debate. Isn’t there someone else?


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