Will the real B.I.G. please stand up? Big Sean, sit down.

Show some respect Lil’ Sean!

I can’t stand posers.

You know, folks who claim that they’re the original, but are really some half-baked facsimile.

And there are loads of posers in the rap game.

You can tick off the numerous rappers, whose names are attributable to real cats.

50 Cent.


Jim Jones.

Rick Ross.

Typically, rappers use the name of some ill gangster as their rap nom de plume or alias, thereby channeling the street cred of their alter ego.

It’s deeper than this, but you get the picture.

There’s one, though, that really gets my goat.

‘Big’ Sean.

I heard this song recently, which starts off “B-I-G”, which everyone knows was the signature call-out of the Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Small aka Biggie aka B.I.G.

Now this 24 year old rapper from San Francisco is running around, referring to himself as B.I.G.

And taking issue whenever he’s called out on it.

Umm…dude, there was already a B.I.G., what are you tripping about?

You were like six when Ready To Die dropped.

You could barely scrawl your name when it was certified platinum.

And now, all of a sudden because people on your ‘block’ know you as B.I.G., we’re supposed to give you a pass?

I don’t think so.

It would be one thing if he acknowledged his predecessor, and gave Biggie his just due.

But this snotty nosed kid acts as if anyone who questions his use of the (much more famous, talented and prolific) rapper’s name is some sort of insult.

Listen here, young man.

You just got into the game.

You barely have chest hair on that bird chest.

Can we call you Big ‘Bird-Chest’ Sean?

And at 5′ 7″, calling yourself ‘big’ is somewhat of a stretch, wouldn’t you say?

Even if the rumors of your large johnson are true, naming yourself ‘big’ because of it smacks of insecurity.

Maybe you’re just overcompensating because of your Lilliputian size.

Or perhaps you simply wanted to differentiate yourself from other vertically challenged rappers, who embrace their short stature by using the ‘lil’ moniker in their names: Lil Wayne, Lil Bow Wow, Lil’ Cease, Lil Flip, etc.

If that’s the case, it’s all good.

But there are loads of rappers who call themselves Big <fill in rapper’s name here>, that don’t refer to themselves as “B.I.G.”: Big Boi, Big Pun, Big L, Big Daddy Kane, Big Mike, etc.

These cats (who all precede you) haven’t felt like they could use B.I.G. legitimately.

I would think that you’d want to strike out and create your own identity, rather than ride on someone else’s popularity.

For all that, why don’t you just yell out ‘Yeaaahhhhhhh boooyyyeeeee!” like Flavor Flave?

But that’s just me.

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One response to “Will the real B.I.G. please stand up? Big Sean, sit down.

  1. All I can say to the B.I.G poser is L.O.L


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