Ode to a lightning cord.


I’ve had my iPhone 5 for several weeks now, and I’m slowly getting used to it.

It’s become a staple in my gadget arsenal, stepping in smoothly for its predecessor, The 4.

I can genuinely say that I’m happy with it.

Except for one thing…

That damn lightning charger!!

On three occasions since I’ve owned The 5, I’ve been without my lightning charger.

And I’ve paid for my omission with a dead phone.

Unlike back in the day (aka three weeks ago) where I could approach anyone in the Apple iPhone tribe and borrow a charge cord, today I am constrained to seek out the rare iPhone 5 user, for on-the-street relief.

Gone are the days when any ole iOS compatible device would do.

Now, it’s lightning charger or nothing.

I’m a bit peeved about it, to be honest.

Instead of being able to just rock out with my new joint, I’ve got to be judicious about my energy consumption.

Now I find myself turning off notification services, dimming my screen, using apps sparingly, all in a misguided effort to extend my battery life – or rather, how long I can use my phone.

Oh the angst I feel whenever I belatedly discover I’ve left the crib without my lightning cord.

My anxiety grows as the percentage of battery indicator decreases.

I find myself desperately scanning the hands of strangers to see if they too, might be sporting The 5, and perhaps, the keys to my depleting battery salvation.

I curse Apple whenever that bloody 20% pop up pops up, alerting me that my phone is on its last leg.

I feel shame when other iPhone users ask me if I’ve got a charger on me, both for the fact that I don’t have a cord on me AND the fact that if I did, it’s not compatible with their’s.

What’s truly wack about my dilemma is that it’s not going to get better any time soon.

The tipping point, when every other Apple user you run into has a lightning charger on stash, is a long way off.

Even if I shelled out the extra 20 bones for the adapter, which would let me use current cords to power my device, I’d probably forget it like I do my cord now!

I knew, when I copped the 5, that it had this new cord.

I was fully aware that claims of 250 hours of standby and 80 hours of talk time were an absolute farce.

But I never thought it would go down like this.

I’m killing my battery every day.

Even though I don’t feel like I’m using my iPhone any more frequently now than I did before, the frequency with which my phone dies, says otherwise.

At the end of the day, I’m really just mad at myself.

If I wasn’t always forgetting my cord, I wouldn’t be complaining so vociferously now.

I suck.


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5 responses to “Ode to a lightning cord.

  1. You’re absolutely right! Sorry for the error. It will be 5 weeks this Tuesday. However, as I’ve mentioned I have yet to see any visible wear and this is unusual with these types of “cheap” thin cables.


  2. In all fairness, let’s give this a little guy a fair trial. Just a few points i’d like to make. I absolutely love the new charger. It’s size fits better in my pocket. Don’t really understand how but the old charger kept jamming into my leg every time i’d sit down whereas this one doesn’t. I notice a much longer battery life than my old phone. I might not use it non-stop however there is a much bigger difference. On another note, the charger cord’s life is definitely an improvement than my last charging cords. The cables would usually wear down and the casing would unravel leaving the tiny wires inside exposed that would eventually break, leaving me chargerless. At most, the old cables would last a few months for me. I’m going on nearly 4 months and not even a sign of visible wear on the new cable. Last but not least, when feeling groggy from a night out on the town, I come home, stumble my way to the bed and instantly plug in my charger because it just magically fits and finds it way into the slot. Unlike the old charger, that almost had to be aligned to the port perfectly and had to be in the correct orientation, this charger works universally in orientation and is somehow magnetized to it’s location, making it much easier and faster to insert. Aside from the article that states that users may dislike the new lightning charger due to it not being easily accessible, is kind of a cop out. Proposing a world of black and white this may be the case. Just imagine if you didn’t have a common phone to begin with. Another thing to mention is that you could purchase an adapter that would turn the original charger cables into a lightning cable, then problem solved until the new lightning cable or accessories gain popularity.


    • Levi, I have to admit that (since I’ve begun to remember to bring my cord) I’ve noticed the rapid charging time with the new cord. I can’t say that I’ve seen an increase in battery life. It seems to drain just as quickly (if not moreso). And it is easier to tote around. I have never had an issue with the other cord, but as you’ve reported, it probably was more difficult to carry around. Question, how have you had an iPhone 5 for almost 4 months? They dropped on September 21st and that’s only 42 days ago. Perhaps you meant 4 weeks. But thanks for your input!


  3. marisa

    i heart you chukumba


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