Don’t Eat At Joes. John Wynne, for shame.

You never want to find this in your Sunset Salmon.

I just left Joe’s Crab Shack on Route 1 in Lawrenceville.

My wife found a black object in her Sunset Salmon, which we initially believed to be a piece of black plastic.

After summoning the waiter, who in turn, brought the manager, we learned that what we thought was plastic was (in his opinion) actually the charred remains of a bun.

Apparently, a piece of a bun became dislodged when it was cooked on the grill.

Buns are grilled on the same surface they use to grill the fish.

Cross-contamination anyone?

This dislodged piece went undiscovered for a period and achieved it’s blackness and hardness over repeated cooking.

Undiscovered? Was it hiding out?

The burnt piece lodged into the salmon must have been swept up onto the plate when it was being cooked.

Should you be telling me this?

Sounds…how do you say…unhygienic.

So it wasn’t a piece of plastic, he concluded, it was just a reeallly burnt piece of bun.

I was genuinely relieved for the manager’s forensic analysis of the foriegn object.

But I was more interested to learn how he intended to resolve the solution.

As he prattled on about why, if it were a piece of plastic, it would have burned immediately upon contact with the grill…

I realized that he was not intent on doing the right thing.

As if reading my mind, he began to fumble about, attempting to reach his rear left pocket.

He explained, digging furtively in his pocket, that he was the manager of the establishment.

John Wynne, Assistant General Manager, Joes Crab Shack. Boooooo!!!!

Placing his card on the table in front of us, he said (and I quote) “My card’s not worth anything, but this one is.”

After fumbling through the stack of cards pulled from his pocket, he placed another yellow business-sized card on the table atop the previous one.

Joe’s Crab Shack. Free Appetizer. And why would I eat here again?

“You can use it the next time you dine with us.”

What makes you think I’m going to dine here again?

I was stunned.

Not only can’t I used this voucher for my CURRENT appetizer, you’re not even going to spot me an ENTREE?!

The afflicted dish was an ENTREE!

I was twisted.

Mind you, when our waiter left to retrieve the manager, he clearly knew the severity of the black charred discovery.

I told him to be glad he wasn’t bringing his manager back to see Gordon Ramsey.

Cause we know how Gordon gets down!

I was clearly not pleased with that my wife’s meal was ruined.

But ol’ Wynne didn’t skip a beat.

With a “enjoy the rest of your meal,” he was off.

When my check arrived, I was was thermonuclear.

The salmon was on the check.

I had held out hope, that despite the manager’s flacid response he would have still shown me the courtesy of removing the offending dish from our bill.

Alas, twas not the case.

I’ve NEVER complained about finding something in my meal that didn’t IMMEDIATELY result in that item being removed from my check.

Or an offer to replace it.

Typically the waiter just handles it.

The escalation to mister manager immediately signified that someone was coming to HANDLE the situation and make it right.

Wynne did neither of these.

Even though I was ready to read both my waiter and Mr. Wynne the riot act…

I chilled and paid the bill.

Was with wifey.

Didn’t want to cause a scene.

But I couldn’t let the situation lie.

So I signed the receipt and left Mr. Wynne, this little note:

Tip for John Wynne. Notice the shameless plug.

I’m posting my crappy dining experience for posterity.

I doubt anyone from Joe’s Crab shack will find this post.

And if they do, they’ll probably offer me more Wynne-ian flaccidity.

I’ve given up on contacting brands directly, because I’ve found that they NEVER do the right thing when you do.

Dominos Pizza failed the test.

So did Louis Vuitton.

Now Joe’s Crab Shack is on the list.

BTW Joe’s…

You should have Mr. Wynne take some additional managerial courses.

His current customer relation skills suck salmon balls…

….or burnt bun pieces.


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2 responses to “Don’t Eat At Joes. John Wynne, for shame.

  1. Very interesting topic! Such an experience we have in common. I have to admit and touch up on a few of your points. Usually in my experience when something isn’t copasetic with my meal, I’m usually pleased with the end result of someone making it right. A few times, I haven’t even had the need to talk to the manager since the waiter or waitress makes it right. The other few times I’ve had to talk to the manager, I’m usually very pleased with the professionalism and courtesy of them making it right whether it be a complete meal on the house or the current meal on the house and the next meal absolutely free as well. In all honestly, I’d be displeased with the service as well if I had the same experience as you.

    I have to disagree that reaching out to the main branch office doesn’t have worth. The few times I (or somebody I know) contacts the lead office, things are set in motion and made right. Preface: I don’t smoke but my step father does. Take Marlboro for example, once he bought a carton of cigarettes only to find one pack missing. Upon contact with a polite and courteous call to one of the branch executives, they ended up sending 2 cartons free and a hefty tote bag suitcase thing worth the cost of $70. I ended up with the suitcase of course. 😉 On a side note even though I don’t personally smoke, I usually end up with free gifts just by entering their drawings. I could offer a few more examples but to sum it up, I’m very pleased with the head honchos making it right whenever I contact them about me being displeased with their service. On one case, the manager got fired from Wendys just because she was rude, didn’t care about the customers, and it’s not how their brand does business. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had no such luck but I’d kindly suggest you try again – you may be surprised!


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