Online sales (driven by mobile) hit the $1B mark on Black Friday. What does 2013 have in store?


Pardon the exceptionally long title of this post.

I’m typically more succinct.

But, I’ve been extolling he virtue of mobile for years now (to no avail).

In the past, I threw out a few statistics to help support my position.

I figured facts and figures would add to the legitimacy of my argument.

Make me seem credible.

My eleven readers were suspect.

Thoroughly unconvinced by my infographics and colored pie charts.

But the weekend of Black Friday, I received the coup de grace.

That would, once and for all, put an end to any opposition anyone could ever offer for not having a mobile presence.

You ready?

$1 billion.

That’s how much money people spent online this year on Black Friday.

$1 billion.

With a “B”.

And 16% of that spending was done on mobile devices.

That may not seem like much to you (if you’re a gazillionaire), but it’s huge considering that number was only 10% last year.

And smart phone usage (which is growing) was a significant driver of that growth.

This post is three weeks late, so you’re probably like “so what?”

Black Friday has come and gone.

So has Cyber Monday.

But as the final few days before Christmas are upon us, I suspect that this will be a record breaking holiday shopping season online and on mobile.

Even in the midst of the largest recession most of us have ever experienced, online and mobile growth continues unabated.

With the release of the SG3, the Galaxy Note, the iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD, and service providers like Boost, Metro PCS and Simple Mobile making it easier to get your smart phone on, I suspect this cycle of growth to continue.

So the next time someone approaches you or your brand with a mobile growth strategy, before you pshaw them and shoo them away, think $1B.

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