Daddy rule no. 4080: Make lunches the night before.


I’ve got four kids.

And when you have four kids, planning is essential.

One thing I’ve learned in my eleven years of parenthood, is the time-saving value of prep.

Although I was never a boy scout, I was a Cub Scout, and the motto, “be prepared” has always held sway with me.

So every weeknight (except Friday) and Sunday night, I make my kids’ lunches.

I have a whole routine.

I pull out their Goodbyns and line them up, assembly line style.

Then, I drop each kid’s sandwich, drink, snack, etc., into the bin of their respective Goodbyn.

It’s a fairly straightforward process.

With the exception of Asha Ming’s toasted butter and jelly sandwich, I can generally whip through making lunch fairly quickly now.

Five minutes, tops.

And I’m done.



Doesn’t seem like heavy lifting right?

Try doing that shit on the morning.

With three kids that have to meet a bus at 7:45?

A fourth that has to be dropped off by 7:30 so you can make a 8:00 train into the city?

And breakfast?

And making sure that they’re clean, dressed, lotioned in exposed spots (Black folk will appreciate that), and hair less-than-disheveled?

Something is bound to get missed.

Kids will all be out on time, but no one has shoes on.

Or your eldest has your youngest’s coat on.

Or some equally ludicrous omission.

Caused, solely, by the fact that you had too much on your hands.

Too many details (and kids) to handle so early in the morning.

Every morning.

So I make lunches at night.

Goodbyn made life easier for me.

Before Goodbyn, I had to put everything into sandwich and snack bags.

Laborious doesn’t begin to explain the torture of lunch-making before I was turned on to them.

Goodbyns are self-contained lunch boxes, that let you put the food directly into a bin, or compartment, without having to wrap it first.

And we’re all the better for it.

Making lunches the night before is a breeze.

And it cuts down on a zillion plastic sandwich and snack bags.

Anywho, I was literally making lunch when I was inspired to post.

Now you’re up on Goodbyns and nighttime lunch-making.

You can thank me later.

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