Rich Medina has an app! Holla!

Rich Medina app logoI don’t know how I missed this!

My man Rich Medina…

My nigga-cant-get-no-bigga…

My ace-boon-coon…

My…you get the point.

Anywho, did you know that Rich Medina has an iPhone app!?

I was rapping to another one of our mutual friends when he dropped it on me.

Him: …so we can just add it to his app…

Me: Add it to who’s app?

Him: Rich’s app. Who the fuck else are we talking about?

Me: Rich has an app?

Him: Dude, you’re tripping.

Me: Stop fucking with me!

Him: It’s in the iTunes store.


Him: It’s been there since December. Where the fuck have you been?

Now, there are two things you must know:

1. I just made that entire incident up.  I was channeling my inner Golem.
2. You need to cop that Rich Medina app!

If you’re not up on Rich Medina, I don’t know what to tell you.

He’s only one of the dopest DJs in the game.

And I’m not just saying that because he’s my boy.

My other boy, Ukachi Arinzeh, is one of the worst DJs in the world.

Sorry Uka, but you suck.

So, it’s clear that I am not influenced by my personal relationships when assessing skills on the ones-and-twos.

But I digress.

The app is quite dope.

It’s got a simple and easy to navigate UI.

It’s a DJ app for chrissakes!

There are three main options: News, Photos and Bio.

That’s my dude!!!!

The News page lets you check in with Rich, as he travels the globe, playing at hot spots all over the world.

It pulls in content from various sources, including his weekly article in Complex magazine.

It also includes information about where Rich is going to be, and when.

So if you’re a true Rich Medina fan (or stalker) this app will keep you up-to-date on his movements.

The Photos page is loaded with albums full of flicks of Rich at work and play.

Each album is set up “coverflow” style, and you can scroll through a myriad of albums or select an image to see it full-sized.

The Bio page is…’s a bio.

The coolest function, though, is the embedded player at the foot of the page.

Hit play and you’re transported into the world of Rich Medina at his best.

The app features live sets from Rich’s performances in exotic spots in Paris to the local haunts of NYC.

So download the app and you’ll find yourself immersed in great music for hours.

The app was designed by TriAgency, a digital agency out of Philly.

Big ups Phil and Duane!

Anyway, if you’re iOS down, like me, I suggest you cop the Rich Medina app one time.

It’s free, so it won’t hurt your pockets.

And you will be so happy that you copped it, you’ll want to thank me.

But don’t.

Pay it forward and share the app with someone you know.

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