Jailbreak is here! Jailbreak is here!


After several long months of waiting, there is finally a Jailbreak for iOS 6.

I know most of you are like “so effing what?”

But for the geek technorati, this Jailbreak is a godsend.

In the past, I went through all kinds of conniptions to get my iOS devices jailbroken.

When word of a new jailbreak hit, it was on!

I’d head uptown, snaking my way through side streets and back alleys.

Special knock.


Think Neo getting a knock on his door in The Matrix.

A few hours of tinkering, backing up, installing and configuring and…Viola!

Jailbroken devices.

And free apps as far as the eye can see.

But that was before Hackulous and the Installous store were unceremoniously shuttered.


You didn’t know that Installous, the infamous pirate app store, shut down earlier this year?

Well it did.

Leaving many Jailbreak aficionados, like myself, in the dark about the future.

And with no way of getting our grubby hands on cracked and app store rejects.

For months we’ve been wandering an iOS wasteland, waiting for a Jailbreak messiah.

And we’ve been rewarded for our faith and patience.

Enter Evasion.


The Evasion jailbreak tool picks up where Installous left off.

For one, it makes jail breaking your phone a cinch.

I’ve never personally jailbroken my own phone.

Moreover, I never dreamed that I’d be able to jailbreak my own device in a matter of minutes.

It was so simple, that I found myself shell shocked.

I haven’t even visited Cydia to cop any new apps.

Now that’s not to say that I won’t.

I just haven’t yet.

I think the ease with which I was able to bypass Apple’s draconian efforts to bar third party app developers, dulled it’s appeal.

What good is being bad if everyone can do it?

A jailbroken device was a sign of anarchy.

But you’re not an anarchist if your actions are….ordinary.

In any instance, I’m just happy I’ve (once again) wrested control of my device from Apple.

And can trick my iPhone 5 out the way I want.

If you’re interested in joining the 7 million of us who have already tasted freedom, check out Redmondpie.com’s simple instructions for getting your jailbreak on.

Disclaimerm: Jailbreaking allows you to access apps and tools which have not been expressly blessed by Apple (=passed Apple’s vigorous muster). So whenever you install apps onto a jailbroken device, know that you run the risk of fucking some shit up.


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2 responses to “Jailbreak is here! Jailbreak is here!

  1. lol. Just a little late to the ball game here bud. Been jailbroken for well over a week. Seeing installous go was a sad sad day. There is however an alternative I’ve NOT (*cough*) been using. I haven’t really had the time to look and see if all of my old IPAs were available yet. Let me know how you get along with it. It’s called AppCake (http://iphonecake.com). If you point your iPhone in that direction you’ll likely be greeted with a download app button which would not install for me. Instead, I added the AppCake repo to Cydia and installed it that way. Got me up and running in about 2 minutes. Looked for a Spotify Premium style work around but there was nothing. Not surprising since most of Spotify account info is stored server side. I’m just curious why despotify won’t let us use free accounts? More Ads – I DONT CARE! I just refuse to pay yet ANOTHER monthly membership fee to something. For good reason too. If I were to legitimately own every piece of software and hardware I need for my every day life, I’d likely need to be a millionare. Living off a college student’s salary just isn’t feasible. Xbox live, Netflix, Spotify, Internet, Hulu, Sat TV – need I continue?

    Oh, and this post was completely unorganized and ranted. Yes, yes it was. That’s likely due to the fact that I’m running late for class.


    • Levi, I know, I know. To be quite frank, I learned about Installous last month and assumed that was a wrap for all jailbreaks. So a few days ago someone in my network hipped me to the fact that there was a jailbreak available for 6.1.

      I haven’t yet tried to re-up all my Jailbreak apps, so I haven’t gotten too deep in it. But I’ll look into a few of your suggestions for GP.

      I can’t front, having my people Jailbreak my joint AND populate it with all the apps I need made my life so much more simple than looking for apps myself!

      Feel free to rant and ramble on. This is NOT one of your classes, so rules of construction, verb/tense agreement, spelling and punctuation don’t count!


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