Ghostface Killa? No. Action Bronson. White boys can rap.


A few months ago, I heard this banging song.

It was called Strictly 4 My Jeeps.

And I knew, I just knew it was a song by Ghostface Killah of Wu Tang.

The voice was so distinctive, that I took for granted that it was him.

Then I heard the name Action Bronson.

And I thought, “Danm, Ghost got another alias?”

Ghostface Killah. Tony Starks. Pretty Toney. Wallabee Kingpin.

Now Action Bronson.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that Action Bronson wasn’t Ghostface.

Imagine my even greater surprise when I actually saw Action Bronson.

And he was white!

Now, I’m not saying that white boys can’t rap.

Yes. I am.

But that’s besides the point.

Because there are a few white boys that really can rap.

The Beastie Boys.


Mac Miller.

But they are so few and far in between that they’re almost non-existent.

Or extremely rare.

Like the dodo.

I’m just saying.

For the most part, you know when you’ve got a white boy rapper.

There is a twang in their voice.

That’s so…un-urban.

Or their lyrics are so disturbing.

That you definitely know that it’s not a bruh-man on the mike.

Think Stan.

But Action Bronson had me completely twisted.

Because he was spitting pure fire.

And sounded like authentic Wu.

Straight from Shaolin.

All I know is this cat is one to watch.

If you’re not up on Action Bronson, I suggest you get yourself acclimated.

Here is Strictly 4 My Jeeps for your listening pleasure:

And this is for your eyeballs:

You can thank me later.

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