Morgan for Harlem. Third time’s a charm.


The politico bug has bitten me again.

This time its a local race.

But the candidate is the same.

Vince Morgan.

If you’re not in the know, then you’re unaware that I’ve been the Digital Czar for Vince Morgan’s previous congressional campaigns.

Vince Morgan is a former banker turned political aspirant, who has staked his claim on the revitalization of Harlem.

Although unsuccessful in his two previous bids to dethrone Charlie Rangel, he remains committed to building a better Harlem.

In fact, his campaign slogan “Building Harlem Together” speaks to this commitment.

For over a year, he has been waging a one-man campaign to force Columbia University to live up to it’s obligation to confer over $2 billion in jobs, money and benefits to residents of Harlem.

This obligation stems from a Community Benefits Agreement Columbia (CBA) signed in 2009.

In exchange for the right to build on 17 acres of land acquired through (a questionable) imminent domain process, Columbia agreed to a number of commitments.

These commitments were meant to redress the grievances of the community to Columbia’s expansion in Harlem.

And while the current city council member, Inez Dickens, is effectively sitting on her hands, and
Columbia reneges on these commitments, Vince Morgan is going to bat for Harlem.

Since he began his crusade, there has been an investigation into allegations of self-dealing and conflict of interest with the West Harlem Development Corporation (the organization charged with oversight of the CBA).

Recently, his efforts have forced Columbia to turn over records to demonstrate that they’ve met MWBE hiring goals, after he exposed the fact that Columbia shut out minority architects from participating in the redevelopment project.

While current elected officials sit idly by, during one of the worst recessions most of us have ever witnessed, Vince Morgan has been activitely pushing to make Columbia make good on it’s contractual obligations.

No longer content to let the powers that be further shirk their responsibilities, he’s (once again) throwing his hat into the ring.

On Monday, he launched his campaign for City Council, with a video highlighting this issue.

Quietly, he has relaunched his website and revamped all his social media profiles.

On February 28, 2013, he is hosting his first fundraiser at the Les Ambassades on Lenox Avenue.

Slowly but surely, he’s building a groundswell.

His campaign team, Team Morgan, is staffed by a bunch of veterans, who know what it takes to get him elected.

And as everyone knows, its a numbers game.

The strategy is simple: by election day, make sure that folks who enter the voting booth are more familiar with Vince Morgan’s name, than that of any other candidate (incumbent and newcomer alike).

And while the goal is the same: get Vince elected, this time, it feels different.

My desires are not altogether altruistic.

I would (selfishly) like the bragging rights of getting someone elected.

But, this time it just feels right.

Anyway, come election day, we’ll see whether my intuition served me well.

Or whether it was just wishful thinking.

But as they say, the third times a charm!

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