Watch Fuji learn. Pimping my child for 15 minutes of fame.

Fuji on the iPhone

This clip of my son will make me famous.


I’ve said it.

I am shamelessly and intentionally pimping my 3 year old son Fuji.

For the sole objective of fame.

I have four kids.

And none of them have yet provided me with the fodder I need to strike it rich on social media.

Sure they’re smart.

They test off the charts.

They are Chukumbas after all.

My daughter, the first born, is artistic.

Sh gets busy with pencil and paper, on the flute, chimes, and in choir.

My first son is naturally athletic.

And dominates his mates in virtually every sport he plays.

The baby girl is a thespian.

She is the source of endless hours of entertainment singing, dancing, pantomiming and telling (bad) jokes.

And the baby is an all-around piece of work.

He’s handsome and charming with a smile that melts hearts.

He’ll probably be a gigolo.

But for all this talent, I have yet to capture a single viral moment.

I’ve yet to record a tricked out Vivaldi.

Or an incredible bicycle kick goal.

Or even some Shakespeare.

Oh sure, I’ve gotten them on film.

But all I’ve captured to date are cute light moments.

Nothing viral-worthy.

In this day of selfless aggrandizement of digital social status, YouTube is the litmus test of legitimacy.

But how one attains such status is elusive.

While countless videos have gone viral.

Few of them intended to do it.

Not Charlie.

Not trick shot baby.

Not 2 year old dances the jive.

And I’m not talking about ad agencies.

With beaucoup bucks to throw at creating a viral sensation.

I’m talking regular folk.

I am always talking smack about what I think about this and that.

For some reason, I think that my opinion counts.

I write a blog for Chrissakes!

Vanity aside, I do know a thing or two.

And if my calculation is right, my video of Nokosi “Little Bear” will do what viral videos do.

When they’re just the right thing.

Properly captured.

Of a certain length.

And shared through a properly engaged network.

Who can deny a child’s enthusiasm for learning?

Now here’s the plan.

My family, friends and colleagues will get this first.

It will amaze, amuse and warm the cockles of their hearts.

Then, they’ll share it with their wider network of friends.

Who will be similarly impressed and compelled to do the same.

And so on.

And so on.

Before some local news affiliate picks it up.

Broadcasts it.

And the world will see how Chukumba kids get down for their learning.

Then it’s network television.

Speaking engagements.

Endorsement deals.

And then world domination.


I’m sorry.

Got a little ahead of myself.

But I think I’m on to something.

Something about this video strikes me as the stuff of YouTube sensation.

I could be full of shit.

But you decide.

If you think this video of little Fuji getting his learn on is awesome, like and share.

If not, you suck.

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