Facebook changes (again). But this time it’s not horrible.

facebook_newsfeed_courtesy of Techcrunch

Here we go again.

Facebook is (once again) changing it’s homescreen.

Over the past few days, you might have heard chatter on the interweb about Facebook’s new UI (user interface).

One day soon, the Facebook you know will be no more.

Soon billions of Facebook users will be forced to (once again) re-learn how to use it.

To be fair, Facebook let us use decipher Timeline for a hot minute now.

So I guess we shouldn’t complain.

Or be surprised that (once again) the look, feel and navigation of the Facebook homepage is entirely different from what it was yesterday.

Or the day before that.

Or the day before that.

If you haven’t seen if yet, here’s a snapshot with a hyperlink to the Facebook newsfeed page, where you can see it in living color (before the switch).

The new and improved Facebook?

The new and improved Facebook?

To their credit…

Am I actually giving someone credit?

Facebook isn’t just ramming this change down it’s users’ butts throats desktops.

You’ve actually got to sign up to be added to their waiting list.

Perhaps they’ve learned that angry hoards of users with pitchforks and flaming torches isn’t a good thing.

Whatever the case, there is something more fundamental to Facebook’s latest planned switcharoo.


Sure, they’re pitching it as a way to see your friends’ stories presented in a cleaner more streamlined fashion.


It’s more about giving advertisers more real estate to hawk their wares.


I’m sure you’ve already noticed the sponsored stories from Classmates or Knitting Fever (or whomever) pop up in your news feed.


Knitting Fever

You know you didn’t like Romney for President, so WTF is this crap doing in your feed?

Romney for President

Facebook’s big fat greedy corporate money grubbing, that’s what.

This redesign is going to allow Facebook to leverage it’s billion plus membership all the way to the bank.

Zuckerberg’s momma didn’t raise no fool.

Again, to their credit…

There I go again! I must be getting soft in my old age.

Facebook put in some work on this redesign.

With the nice dock, cleverly tucked away on the side, the desktop version seems to have adopted the clean look and feel of the app.

I’ve been using the new Facebook app for a minute.

And it’s a pleasure.

It’s UI is clean and unobtrusive.

Unlike the desktop site.

But this redesign seems to have brought the efficiency of the app to the desktop.

I wonder if they’ve got the whole swiping thing down too?

Ya know what I’m talking about right?

If you swipe the screen of the Facebook app on the iPhone, left or right, you reveal the menu or your friends?



Pardon the digression.

Some surmise that Facebook will offer users the choice between switching to the new homepage design or sticking with Timeline.

But I doubt it.

Anywho, if you didn’t know this change was coming, now you know.

So don’t be actin’ all indignant when you log in one day, and the Facebook you once knew is no more.


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6 responses to “Facebook changes (again). But this time it’s not horrible.

  1. You’re 100% right. I was thinking API not search. This is more like predictive search using your tagging within Facebook as the content filters.


    • Yep. Precisely! Nothing new, but it’s definitely interesting to see a step in the right direction for such a huge social media network. I am quite curious to see what doors this opens for developers as well. The current graph API doesn’t seem to have any type of this tag sorting.


  2. Found the facebook graph search. This is available to beta testers. I think anyone can still get in on this. It’s really handy and works very similar to how Siri works. Just type as you would to a person. “Show pictures my friends took at …” and a big array / wall of pictures is shown. “Find mutual friends of John Doe”… ooh, the possibilities are unlimited.

    Facebook Graph Search:


    • Thanks Levi. I’m curious what utility folks will derive out of this. There have been other similar network graphing products in the market. But it doesn’t appear that it’s something that regular folks would really do. I can see how it can be used strategically for marketers and social media experts. But your every man won’t have much use for it. At least not in my opinion.


      • I think you misunderstand what the Facebook graph search is for. This will eventually replace your typical search query at the top of facebook. This is NOT to be confused with the FB Graph API which developers can use. Like I said, I have been using it and really like it. As soon as I click on the search field, it creates a drop down for things like My Friends, Photos of Friends, Restaurants Nearby, Music My Friends Like, etc. As one person explained it, all this time facebook has been collecting status updates, pictures, and media then tagging everything. This is how facebook works. Especially when you upload a photo and you tag a location with it. The new graph search basically just filters search queries in a human writable query from all these tags. Hope this clears up some confusion.


  3. I’ve been a beta tester of “Search for people, places, and things” for a while now. Think it’s called something along the lines of facebook graph. I hadn’t heard about the new FB design though. Is this something beta users can get in on as well or do we just have to wait for a release? I’m loving the button bar to the left. Similar to how I designed a webpage (in my head) for a dynamic website. I still think some sort of semi-transparent banner at the top would look far more fancy. I think it comes down to allowing facebook to still run fairly fast on older devices. I always welcome more room on a webpage. I absolutely hate when things start to get cluttered. Facebook has been feeling that way for about a year now. I even had to install a userstyles script because the old theme was just plain ugly to me. Nevermind using adblock everywhere I go to get rid of the ugly ad bar on the right. Sure, facebook has to make money somehow. End of rant.

    Dark Shiny Green, Transparent – Userstyles script:


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