The Galaxy S IV is coming! Apple be very afraid.

Is Samsung the Apple-killer?

Is Samsung the Apple-killer?

Back in the day, I could have cared less about non-iOS device leaks.

If it wasn’t an iPhone or an iPad, it didn’t matter.

The only leaks that interested me were about Apple.


Whenever a new Apple product was announced – or rumored – I’d scour the interwebs, looking for photos or reviews.

I’d follow endless threads of speculation about which features would be included and which would not.

I would consume any article from any source like manna from heaven.

But if it wasn’t an Apple product, I could give two shits.

But yesterday, something unusual happened.

I saw a Techcrunch article with leaked pictures of a Samsung.

It was the new Samsung device, the Galaxy S IV.

And I found myself…

Wait for it…

Reading the article!

Who knew that there was this whole other world of leaks?

Who knew that non-iOS leaks were newsworthy?

Who knew the Chinese were as inept at keeping Samsung’s secrets as they were Apple’s?

I have to admit that I was intrigued with what this new Samsung has to offer.

Although I despise Android devices, they’re giving Apple a run for their money.

In fact, Samsung is outselling Apple in China.

Analysts predict that Samsung will completely overtake Apple when it comes to innovation with mobile devices.

So they must be doing something right.

But if leaked photos weren’t enough, now there’s a video too!

Notice the background iPad audio in the video.

Ironic, isn’t it.

If these leaked photos are any indication of the public’s interest and penchant for non-iOS devices, then I need to pay attention.

I must be ill.


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2 responses to “The Galaxy S IV is coming! Apple be very afraid.

  1. P.S Loving the new version of wordpress. The “Follow” and “Like” features are pretty sexy.


  2. Interesting article. One thing I don’t understand is how Android devices are outselling Apple as a whole. Could it be that there are just more variations and providers, like Samsung for example? Android runs on many different platforms. The only catch is, that it will NEVER out compete with apple when it comes to user experience. The fluidness of iOS UI is that it has a separate thread JUST for the UI rendering like scrolling, pinching, zooming, etc. Android’s OS has their UI in the main thread which has equivalent priority as tasks and apps. This would be pretty difficult to change now since it’s pretty mainstream. Looks like unless theres some new “standard” that Android will use in the future. The UI thread is locked into play. That’s what makes Android OS so “choppy” and the user experience has significant disadvantages to that of iOS. Also take for the multiple bugs. One other draw back is that although droid may run on multiple devices, it’s similar to how Windows works with all the different hardware. Trying to figure out what’s at fault is a PITA. Compare that to any Mac software that has a specific hardware set and you KNOW what’s going wrong and where. If it’s a hardware issue, apple usually replaces it. In my honest opinion, you get what you pay for. Indeed Apple stuff is quite a bit more expensive. But it’s so so worth it! The fluidness, the stability, the experience. THAT’s what your buying. NOT the damn product name like everyone thinks.


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