It’s official. I’m writing a book.

No. This is not the title of my book.

No. This is not the title of my book.

It hit me the other day that I should just write a book.

I have a lot to say.

Why should I constrain my thoughts to the confines of a blog?

Why indeed!

So there.

It’s decided.

I’m going to write a book.

And I know what it’s going to be about.

I’ve even got my chapters lined up.

If writing a book is anything, it’s ordered thinking.

So I feel like even if I compile a piece of utter garbage.

It will be a published piece of garbage.

And that’s saying something.

Not that I’m going to let a book I publish be a piece of garbage.

I am Stephen Chukumba.

I’ve got a reputation to uphold.

Dr. Stephen Uneze Chukumba (GRHS) was published.

My dad wrote a book entitled, The League of Nations Powers, the United States and the Italo-Ethiopian Dispute: A Comparative Study, 1934-1938.

I’ve read it.

It’s some heavy stuff.

It’s about the 2nd Italo-Ethopian War.

And how Italy ganged up on Ethiopia back in the day.

Cause they were swole that the first time they tried to colonialize the Ethiopians, they got they asses whupped.

Yes, I said they got they asses whupped.

Got that ass spanked!

In Africa.

By savages.

The shame was too much to bear.

So the second time around, the Italians came prepared and Ethiopia was no match.

When Ethiopia petitioned the League of Nations to protect them from Italy’s illegal action, invoking protection from aggression by another member of the League (pursuant to its very charter) the League failed to act.


That’s why your asses got replaced by the UN!

Pop dukes also penned The Role of Black African Troops in the Conquest of the German Tropical African Colonies, 1914-1918.

Haven’t read this one.

So I won’t bore you with a synopsis here.

But I’m sure it’s more heavy stuff.

My brother, the other Dr. Chukumba, Celestine O.C. Chukumba, PhD, is published.

He authored University Invention, Entrepreneurship, and Start-Ups.

His paper applies game theory to predict the outcome of several scenarios involving university versus angel investor backed start ups.

Also heavy stuff.

He cranks out content for the several websites and blogs he publishes on the regular.

So writing may just be in the blood.

My sister – a real doctor – is not published.

But she writes prescriptions.

My other brothers aren’t published either.

One is very well off.

He might as well be printing cash.

Any my baby brother will likely pen his exploits across the globe one day.

The Hamptons. Costa Rica. UK. Panama. Nigeria. Spain.

He’ll probably write a picture book, a Gulliver’s Travels with biddies.

Who knows.

I hope my book won’t be this rambling.

My point wuuuzzz that I am writing a book.

It will be all about digital and technological trends.

And things I’ve witnessed and experienced growing up in the digital age.

I’m coming up on 43.

I’ve seen a lot.

And I got a lot to say.

I’ve been told I have a way with words.

And that I talk too much.

But whatever.

I’m gonna throw everything I’ve got at ya.

Hopefully it’ll all make sense when I’m done.

Who knows, I may make some valid points along the way.

Maybe I will write it here in my blog.

Why the hell not?

Bring ya’ll bitches along for the ride.

Not that you are all a bunch of bitches or anything.

I’m using ‘bitches’ colloquially.

As in “ya’ll are my bitches“.

Imagine a long drawn out ‘biiitttcchhhessss’ delivered with turned-down lips and a sneer.

Not like bitches on a street corner making money for me.

Or anything like that.

I’m rambling again.

But you know what I’m saying right?

You guys can be my book’s Beta testers.

Give me feedback.

Let me know if I’m tripping.

Or rambling.

Like now.

Ya’ll get me.


Maybe I shouldn’t write a book.

What do ya think?

To write or not to write?


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3 responses to “It’s official. I’m writing a book.

  1. bugs181

    I’m interested. Write away!


    • See, I’m writing for cats like you Levi. You get me. My working title is “The Life Digital. Atari to iPad: Growing Up In the Digital Age”. It will be a multi-series book, where I go over the technologies I came up with as consumer, insider and observer. I’m planning five installations, one for each decade from 1970 to 2010. What do you think?


      • bugs181

        That’s a great idea! Another interesting observation is that while the living expenses have gone up (ie: food, fuel, cost of living, etc), technology has come down in price over the decade. How do these technological advances come into play in this scenario? Better technology obviously gives us the ability to create more economical electronics, but why hasn’t this mass production and it’s prices reflected in other areas? Shouldn’t agricultural production that uses technology decrease in prices due to less expenses and increased production? Just my thoughts, questions, observations, and rant.


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