Mobile turns 40 today (at least the call does). An infographic.

Today is the 40th anniversary of the first mobile phone call ever placed.

So I thought it apropos to offer you this infographic, which highlights the milestones of smartphones and cellular communication.

It was created by Waypharer, and does a fairly good job walking you through the history of mobile.

I think it’s a bit long.

But interesting nonetheless.

I wanted to embed the joint right in here.

But the bloody embed code didn’t work (and I wasn’t willing to troubleshoot to figure out why).

So I chopped it up into pieces.

And since it is so friggin’ long, today I will spare you my blathering.

Cause if you don’t know that I’m a techno-head by now, you’re a lost cause and my precious words are wasted on you.

So without further ado..

Smartphone, past, present and the future

Symbian to OS

Smartphone manufacturers

Smartphones in the future

If you want to see the full infographic, you can check it here.

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One response to “Mobile turns 40 today (at least the call does). An infographic.

  1. Here’s another infographic that people who liked this post might enjoy about the mobile phone turning 40 –


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