Jermaine Dupri of Kriss Kross died today. So did journalistic integrity.

Will the real Mac Daddy please stand up?

I love how thorough the media is when reporting on Black stuff.

Like today.

Chris Kelly, a member of Kriss Kross died.

And in perfect media form numerous news outlets flashed the picture of Jermaine Dupri along with the story.



Jermaine Dupri.

As I watched Fox News this morning, I thought, why are they showing a picture of Jermaine?

The last time I checked, Jermaine Dupri was not a part of the rap duo.

Sure, he produced them, but that didn’t make him a part of the group.

Since the story didn’t offer any context for the picture of Jermaine Dupri, like “Their producer, Jermaine Dupri was with the family in their time of grief” or anything like that, it made their use of his image all the more inexplicable.

Kriss Kross=Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly and Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith.

Chris and Chris.

No Jermaine.

But then it dawned on me.

All Black people look the same.

We all look the same.

One Black dude is virtually indistinguishable from the next, so no harm no foul.


You remember when Michael Clarke Duncan passed away?

Who’s image did the media flash?

Terry Crews.

Terry Crews is not Michael Clarke Duncan.

Terry Crews is not Michael Clarke Duncan.

Terry Crews?

Again, I got it.

They could have put up a picture of Debo and we would have been fine.

Oh wait…

A few channels did run the story with Debo’s picture.



Michael Clarke Duncan, Terry Crews, Debo.

They’re all the same.

What’s the difference between one bald muscly Black dude and the next?

Nothing, apparently.

At least they ran the story with a picture of someone.

That’s good right?

Even if it was the wrong someone.

We don’t really count, so who cares?


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One response to “Jermaine Dupri of Kriss Kross died today. So did journalistic integrity.

  1. This story / blog post only hints at the tip of the iceberg of this subject. I completely agree with it. When will true equality exist? I suspect never until we obliterate illiteracy, hatred, and misconceptions. Oh, and completely forget about what history has taught us, if anything… *sarcasm*


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